NBN6 Feb 9 2015 Meeting Notes

NBN Sector 6 –  Meeting Minutes 2/09/15

1. Round the room introductions

2. Crime Report

-Captain Cuyler, new commander of the Goodman section, introduced himself
-All officers are being re-trained on community policing in anticipation of the new police re-organization, which will be effective March 1st
-All officer assignments have been made for the new sections

-Crime report not yet ready for the last 30 day period, but compared to this time last year, there’s a vast reduction in almost all areas
-There were a few violent crimes in this area since the last meeting, including a robbery & kidnapping of food delivery person and a homicide in the high rise at 500 South Ave. Arrests have been made in both these cases.

3. Fire Safety – Lt. Krywy

-Please clear fire hydrants in front of your house from snow (ideally 3 ft clearance). The fire department relies on that water to put fires out.

-Make sure you have operating smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in your home; replace the batteries as needed and any alarms older than 10 years should be replaced  (these units have a limited life).

-Unattended cooking is the most common cause of fires, so please use caution (at home and at work).

Q: Should we use window stickers about pets and children?
A: No, we don’t encourage that anymore because they often give firefighters false leads when the stickers are no longer applicable

Q: Is it true that a truck that used to be at South Ave station moved to West Brighton station?
A: Yes, that is true

C: Given all the development in this burgeoning part of the city, I think we need that fire engine back in this area
A: I encourage you to write a letter to the Mayor/City Council to express your opinion

4. Wedge Point Development – Connie Sanderson (PathStone Corporation) and Linda Hidden (City of Rochester, Project Manager)

-Location is corner of South Avenue & Byron St., which is currently an empty lot

-Will be a true mixed-use, mixed-income project

-There will be 60 units, mostly 1 bdrms, some 2 bdrms and a few 3 bdrms

-Residents will earn 50%-90% of median income; rents will range from $550-$900

-PathStone has proactively reached out to the community about this project and gotten generally favorable feedback, but made some design changes based on feedback

-There will be 2-3 commercial spaces that front on South Avenue and Byron; no commitments yet on those and referrals are welcome; looking for low traffic businesses that operate during the day so they can share some of the resident parking spaces

-The building will have some nice amenities including a rooftop patio, playground, and bike storage

-There will be 53 parking spaces; partnership with ABVI to set aside 9 units for clients that are not expected to have a car which will reduce the need for parking

–This is a “fast track” development; construction will begin on May 1st of this year with 14 month construction period and move-in around July 2016

-It’s a $15 million project

Q: Have you asked about curb bump-outs to help with on-street parking?
A: Yes, but got feedback from neighbors that they would not desire that

Q: What will you do to keep people from pulling a U turn around the median on Byron Street in order to turn in to the driveway if you’re driving west? The median should be longer to discourage that.
A: The median ends where there’s an on ramp to 490 and the State DOT (which controls Byron St) does not want to restrict access to that ramp

Q: Are there any plans to improve amenities at the bus stops?
A: You would contact RTS to discuss that (Nancy – you would also need to talk with the neighborhood groups to make sure they would support any changes)

Q: Has the proximity to St. Joseph’s House of Hospitality and Dorothy Day House posed any issues?
A: We’ve had some initial discussions with them and will continue with discussions as we move along to find solutions to loitering in the area

Q: There have been rumors that for the CollegeTown project, the City allowed workers to sit around on the job; don’t want to see that happen on this project too
Response by Nancy J-P & Colleen McCarthy:  The CollegeTown project has been very scrutinized and we have seen no evidence of that kind of thing going on

5. RocTransit – Brenda Massey

-Reconnect Rochester is an all volunteer led transit advocacy group

-One of the current project is to introduce creative bus stop seating to Rochester

-“The Cube” would improve the transit user & pedestrian experience, add some color/splash to the streetscape

-They would be temporary and removed in the wintertime

-The City is supportive and the group is looking for neighborhood partners to work with on bringing cubes to your area

-For more info, visit www.ReconnectRochester.org/cubes

Q: How many are you hoping to have to get this off the ground?
A: We have no specific targets; our next step is to do an inventory of sites that are good candidates, and see what neighborhoods are interested in working with us

Q: I assume you wouldn’t be looking to put them where there are already benches
A: Right.

Q: How many people can fit on a cube?
A: 2 people comfortably and probably up to 4 people

C: You should also reach out to the business associations/owners because they’re sometimes affected by seating (benches) being located right outside their doors

6. Voice of the Citizen Update – Nancy Johns-Price

-Public safety and traffic calming were the focus of our VOC initiative

-There have been 7 new block clubs as a result of the initiative

-9 community projects have added value to the neighborhoods

-Traffic calming initiatives included:
  -Turtle costumes (“Go Slow with Moe” encouraging people to slow down)
  -A radar sign that will help collect data to get more traffic resources for our area
  -A website project collaboration with Reconnect Rochester
  -Space in City Newspaper to highlight traffic calming issues
  -Pace Car signs for people that are willing to abide by the 30 mph speed

7. NSC Update – Nancy Johns-Price

-With the new police re-organization, Sector 6 was being divided up between 3 different neighborhood service centers

-The City has decided to keep Sector 6 whole except for CollegeTown and Mt. Hope Avenue; the rest of Sector 6 will continue being serviced by the Southeast Neighborhood Service Center

-The breaking up of Sector 6 will still be implemented as far as Rochester Police Dept sections, which will result in some areas being serviced by different RPD sections, including crime prevention officers

Group feedback:

-The northern part of Mount Hope Avenue is clearly part of the South Wedge; this amounts to the breaking up of a neighborhood and will create difficulty and confusion

-We were told at a recent meeting by the NBD Commissioner that the South Wedge would remain with the Southeast NSC, and this seems disingenuous to have not shared that part of the area would in fact be going to the Southwest NSC

-There seems to be a disregard on the part of the City for neighborhoods; the handling of this process has been very disappointing

Response by Nancy J-P:

-“I promise, we will make it work”

8. Community Sharing

-The Highland library branch will be closing in the fall for a short time while work is being done
-Improvements will include new carpeting, meeting room, lighting, other upgrades
-Patrons are asked to fill out the survey (pick up a form in the library) asking where you plan to go while the library is closed

-On Fri Feb 13 @ 11am, the Center for Youth will be having a press conference about their new house for young men Field Street; all are welcome to attend

-Highland Park neighborhood’s Meet the Musicians series starts on Sat Feb 21, 7:00 at South Wedge Mission; more info atwww.highlandparkrochester.org.

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