NBN6 Sept 14 2015 Meeting Notes

NBN6 Meeting Notes

Monday September 14, 2015

Facilitator: Reverend Judy Lee Hay

Refreshments: Joan Lindberg, NeighborGood Grant

Meeting Notes: Mary Staropoli


  1. Introductions
  2. Report from Rochester Police Department

Officer Karl Dickerson reported for all 3 sections covered in Sector 6:

1) Genesee Section – burglary in 900 block of Mt. Hope; house break-in; car larcenies on Mt. Hope, Raleigh St.

2) Goodman Section – 3 burglaries (2 on Nicholson St.); knife attack on 900 block of S. Clinton

3) Downtown Section – commercial burglary, construction site theft, home burglary, 2 officers assaulted on South Ave.

Q: How are the two officers? A: Not sure, but assume they are home recovering

C:  78 Nicholson St. scam – someone letting themselves in to show the rental place; beware, it happens


  1. RG&E Substation – Terry Lattimore

Reported on planned building of Substation to be located on Mt. Hope Avenue

Start date for the project has now been delayed until May 2016; June 2018 estimated completion

Q: Is it possible to start building a wall/fence around the property in the meantime to limit the light pollution, noise pollution, unsightliness & trash issues currently being experienced by neighbors?

Q:  The site is full of trash and weeds; can you at least keep the place clean in the meantime?

Mr. Lattimore will bring this request back to the management team and report back to Nancy Johns-Price, who can give an update at the next NBN6 meeting.

C:  Gas line project on Goodman St. was supposed to be done by Labor Day; work looks shoddy and the project is taking longer than it was supposed to

Mr. Lattimore will take a name and number (Karl Waelder, Highland Park Neighborhood Association) and have someone on the project call with an update


  1. Highland Hospital – Lisa Thompson & Mike Zanghi

New building addition, a $28M 12-18 month project, is underway. Very aware of the impact on employees, patients and the surrounding neighborhood. Working very closely with a neighborhood committee to mitigate the impact, hold us accountable to act responsibly.

Visit  www.urmc.rochester.edu/highland/construction-project where you can:

-sign up to receive email updates

-see a schedule and updates about construction

-find out how to contact hospital staff with questions and concerns

-link to the NBN6 website for neighborhood committee meeting minutes

Kevin Hoffman from LeChase Construction reported that mass excavation for building foundation has begun and will be followed by installation of rebar and concrete. These steps will take 6-8 weeks.

Development of the Hospital’s new long-term Master Facility Plan, including creation of a Planned Development District (PDD), is still underway. A new set of zoning rules will need to ultimately be approved by the City Planning Commission and City Council. Key areas of study will be parking & traffic, modernization, facility design & architecture, etc. Currently conducting a lot of data assessment, research and modeling that’s informing the plan’s development.

Q: Are you taking into account that School #12 is currently closed but will be back open next year? A: We will incorporate in some historic traffic data to account for that

Q: What’s the timing on the traffic studies? A: They are working over the next 3-4 months, and it will probably end up being a 6 month project wrapping up in spring 2016

Q: Who can we talk to give input to consider in the study and make sure the methodology is sound? Neighbors have a lot of knowledge about traffic actually works based on real experience  A: This will continue to be discussed through the neighborhood committee

C: Employee incentives to use alternative modes of transportation and mass transit would go a long way to mitigating some of these neighborhood issues  A: We are working with RTS to improve bus routing in and around the UR campus and the hospital

Q:  What if the Hospital decides in 20 years it wants to make a change that deviates from the new IPD? A: The Hospital would need to apply for a variance

A complete tree assessment has been done and we continue to work on landscaping improvements in collaboration with the neighborhood committee.

Highland Park Neighborhood Highland Hospital Interaction Committee (HPNHHIC) continues to facilitate information-sharing with the hospital about neighborhood concerns and propose solutions. Meetings are open to all neighbors. Next mtg is Sept 29 @ 5:30pm. For more info contact Mike Thompson at mthompson.hpna@gmail.com.

C: Tendency while discussion is happening on a particular issue, the Hospital “sits on” the issue, nothing actually happens, and the details about the discussions doesn’t necessarily get out to all the neighbors.  A: Often, the process involves time consuming data collection and studying of an issue and it’s not productive to share every detail with the entire neighborhood, so it’s limited to conversations within the committee.

Judy Lee Hay reported that there will be a lengthier meeting for neighbors dedicated to Highland Hospital issues that will be a chance to ask deeper questions.


  1. SWPC, SEAC & SW Farmer’s Market – John Page

South Wedge Farmer’s Market will go through Thurs October 15. It’s been a successful season at the new space on Mt. Hope Ave. Credit cards, debit card and EBT are now accepted.

South Wedge Planning Committee and South East Area Coalition are now operating together under one Board and organization. Strategic Planning process is currently underway. Street manager program is still going. A house on Hamilton has been renovated. Farmer’s market and community gardens are still going. We still administer small grants for home improvements. Looking at a “small house” concept to fill in empty lots with affordable housing ($80-90K). Hoping that funding stays in place so SWPC and SEAC can keep doing what they do with current staffing.

Q: Where are you looking at building these small houses and how do you get the land? A: We have an RFP in to the City for a lot on Hickory St. and four others that aren’t necessarily in the South Wedge.

Remember that The Wedge newspaper is available to have at your store/site; deadline for issues is the beginning of the month preceding the print edition (e.g. early Sept for October/November issue), and advertisement opportunities are always available.


  1. Report from Neighborhood Service Centers  –  Nancy Johns Price

Introduced Bruce Wilder, Asst. Administrator in Southwest quadrant, who can be your contact if you are serviced by the SW NSC. He can be contacted at 428-7614 or wilderb@cityofrochester.gov.

RPD exam application deadline is on Sept 25, and RFD deadline is October 2. More info on the City of Rochester website: www.cityofrochester.gov.

Remember all we need is 2 weeks notice and we can set up a mini-clean sweep for your neighborhood clean-up projects.

Remember to report problem properties (e.g. vacant homes, unkept properties) to Nancy so the City can move them through the nuisance property process; each neighborhood can identify 3 priority houses at a time.

Q: Why didn’t the City do something about the persistent problem of house parties at the location where people were shot the other night?  A: That property was tied up in the process and perhaps it should’ve moved faster with all the nuisances reported in that instance.

C: Having a status on these properties somewhere online would be very helpful for neighborhoods to keep track of the properties they’ve reported  A: There is no way to do that currently

Q: Is there a place to look at where vacant and absentee landlords are located? A: Yes, the GIS system can do that if you give me an area

C: Perhaps NBN6 can set up its own online tracking system for problem properties that have been reported


  1. Swillburg Celebration “The Little Pig That Could” – Judy Lee Hay

There’s an event coming up at The Playhouse to celebrate Swillburg. Tickets are $15 and all are welcome. The event will premier the food and space in this new S. Clinton venue. Thurs Oct 8, 6-7:30pm. More info at www.swillburg.com.


  1. Community Sharing 

-Highland Branch has closed for renovations and the plan is to re-open in mid-December. There will be a new shared community meeting room with School #12, as well as new lighting, carpeting and circulation desk. All staff have been temporarily re-located but will be back when the branch re-opens.

-Highland Park Neighborhood had its annual Taste of the Neighborhood picnic yesterday with a good turnout despite the weather.

-Word is that property assessments for the 2016 re-assessment will increase more than 10% in this area. NBN6 will have the City Assessor here for the November meeting, and Highland Park neighborhood is planning to host a separate meeting for its residents just on the reassessment.

-Community Interfaith Institute will have an event next Saturday Sept 19 at Calvary St. Andrews at 6:00pm with poetry, music, singing & dancing.

-The tutoring program at Calvary St. Andrews (Lawrence Evans’ group) is accepting returnable bottle donations to raise funds; they will pick up or you can drop off to them.

-The South Ave Rec Center is temporarily located at Calvary St. Andrews and serving school age neighborhood kids daily from 2:30-9pm


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