NBN6 Dec 14 2015 Meeting Notes

NBN6 Meeting Notes
Monday December 14, 2015

Facilitator: Joan Lindberg
Refreshments – Judy Lee Hay & NeighborGood Grant
Notes – Mary Staropoli

1. Introductions

2. Rochester Police Department Update


Crime report:
-Kidnapping of UR students still under investigation
-1 burglary on Rossiter
-Handful of thefts, be extra cautious this time of year (Christmas)


Crime report:
-10 car larcenies including on South, Hamilton, Meigs, Clinton; half involved unlocked doors and all involved visible valuables; please don’t give them the opportunity
-2 burglaries (Cypress & Hamilton Sts.)
-Robbery on Gregory St.; purse stolen from patron leaving Tap & Mallet; arrest was made

Q: Is the City still putting out “bait” cars?
A: Yes, we still do that, and we also have undercover officers out there following potential suspects


Crime report:
-There was a robbery outside 7-11 on S. Clinton Ave & Goodman @ 6pm in the evening; man with gunshot wound showed up at ER and reported that he was shot in a robbery attempt at the 7-11; real story turned out to be that it was a drug related incident in the parking lot, and the victim and suspect knew each other; the suspect was ultimately arrested (same man who was involved in a shooting at Dragonfly); neither the victim or suspect live in the area
-2 aggravated assaults, both domestic violence situations
-8 burglaries
-29 larcenies, 8 from vehicles

New crime mapping system is still being worked on that will incorporate the new re-organization of the RPD sections and provide crime data report by the new sections

C: In Swillburg, car larcenies seem to be significantly increasing

Reminder that people need to report on every incident, no matter how minor

3. Neighborhood Service Center Update (Nancy Johns-Price)

Two traffic speed trailers were purchased for the Southeast area with Voice of the Citizen funds. If your neighborhood would like to be put on the list to have the trailer located in your area, contact Nancy Johns-Price (pricen@cityofrochester.gov) to make a request.

Q: Heard there was legislation that would blocked access to residential permit inspections related to Certificate of Occupancy?
A: Yes, there was a court ruling that has changed what we can do. I will forward the information to Joan to distribute to with the meeting minutes.

Consultant was hired to look at the impact and effectiveness of the consolidation in Neighborhood & Business Development and the Neighborhood Service Center re-organization that took place 7-8 years ago. Looking for community leader input. A focus group scheduled was in conflict with this meeting tonight, so leaders here will have an opportunity to submit their comments and input in writing.

Q: Will we be given sufficient time to provide the comments in writing?
A: Nancy will request

Q: Will we get access to the report that results from the focus groups?
A: Nancy will ask

David Hawkes, Administrator of the Southwest NSC, was not in attendance. Nancy will ask him to send someone is his stead if he’s not able to attend.

4. Elected Officials Comments

Council Member Elaine Spaull

-There’s been a focus on snow removal efforts to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities; legislation is under consideration by City Council to change the language from only “property owners” to “first floor tenants and property owners”; will not pursuing the legislation to double the fine (appeared as a money grab).

Q: What happens if you’re a first floor tenant and you can’t do it?
A: The City will not be going out to look for violations, but will respond to 311 complaint calls from neighbors

-Also on tomorrow night’s City Council agenda is expanding advertising on City assets, and legislation that will add City garages to the list; don’t think it will pass

-Any legislation that City Council have in the pipeline that’s not voted on tomorrow night will be wiped clean in the new year

-Molly Clifford will be joining us, replacing Carla Palumbo

-Swearing in will be @ 3:30 on Mon Jan 4 in City Council Chambers; all are welcome

County Legislator Josh Bauroth

-Have been serving for 5 years
-We vote on lots of relevant legislation in the Monroe County Legislature
-29 new Legislators will join in the new session, lots of new faces, new leadership in both parties, new County Executive, very optimistic about this

-Have difficult budget challenges to continue to address

-3x3x3 Committee = City Council, County Legislators & Rochester City School District; talking about sharing data and information; so many ways to collaborate and coordinate to address issues for the community

Q: Who are the people on the Committee?
A: Myself + 2 other legislators, Van White, Willa Powell, Cynthia Elliott from RCSD, Jackie Ortiz, Adam McFadden & Matt Haag from City Council

Adam McFadden was invited to attend, but no response.

Cheryl Dinolfo invited to attend, but no response.

5. Community Sharing

Rochester Public Library:

Highland Branch is back open! Same hours as previously. We’ve rearranged and we’ve got fresh paint and carpeting. Come check it out!

Elmwood Property Update:

The Terrance Building on Elmwood is going to be developed by Morgan Development; site will have to be re-zoned so there will be public meetings for people to comment as part of that process; 500 living units, a hotel & commercial space are planned; building will be demolished; construction will take 2 years

Q: Has Morgan owned the property for some time?
A: Yes

Q: Will the be getting tax abatements?
A: They have not filed for those yet

Q: What does the neighborhood think?
A: Cautiously optimistic; we want the eyesore building gone but concerned about the traffic this development may cause

We will be inviting the developers to come present to this group in early 2016.

Highland Hospital Update:

Expansion project construction is still underway, and a neighborhood group is carefully monitoring

Planned Development District is still underway; Highland will come bring an update to this group in the first quarter of 2016

Open meeting on the landscaping plan held last month ago was very successful; great input that will be incorporated into the landscaping plan; info will be going up on the Hospital’s website soon

Uhlen/Kargas Place Development:

Two parcels recently auctioned off by the State of New York.

Larger parcel adjacent to 490 was purchased by Mark IV Construction; leadership team members met with them and they indicated plans for residential development (market rate rental); they will be invited to present their plans to this group when they are further developed

Smaller parcel adjacent to Betlem Heating was purchased by Betlem Heating; unsure of their plans but attempting to meet with them to discuss

Mt. Hope Property:

Just learned this week that the comic book store (1176 Mt. Hope Ave and Gold and Langslow Streets) location will be demolished; developers looking at a new, 5 story student housing apartment building with commercial/retail on ground floor, mixed-use commercial and student housing; members of the leadership team will be meeting with them and inviting them to come present to this group in early 2016

Q: Will anything be happening before they come talk to us? We are very concerned about Mount Hope regarding traffic issues
A: A public meeting will have to be part of the process; Mt. Hope cemetery is very concerned as well

428 Mt. Vernon:

Q: What’s going on with the Bed & Breakfast property on (428) Mt. Vernon?
A: Our understanding is that the owners are not interested in selling it at this time; the Hospital has been interested in buying it for administrative office space; we will be keeping a close eye on any developments

Property Reassessment Process:

Reassessment physical booklets of area home sales are available to neighborhood leaders at the City Assessor’s office; you can also view home sale information on the City of Rochester website.

South Wedge Planning Committee Announcements:

Large portion of board members are turning over, looking for new members, new energy; contact Board Chair Nathaniel Mitch

“Wedge Me In” Annual Meeting on Jan 22, 6-9pm at SWPC office on 224 Mt. Hope; all are welcome

City Love fundraiser event for SWPC & SEAC will be on April 1 @ the German House

Strategic planning process is taking place tomorrow (Tues) evening; members of the community are welcome to attend and give input; we need your engagement!

Input for Leadership Team or ideas for agenda topics:

Need to do more personal/phone outreach to get more people to these meetings

The City (SE NSC) can help facilitate a process to get community input on a vision for this area if the group would like to take advantage of this resource


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