NBN6 March 14 2016 Meeting Notes

NBN6 Meeting Notes

March 14, 2016


Discussion notes are “coded” in the following way:

Q = Question

A = Answer

C = Comment


  1. Introductions
  2. Crime report from Rochester Police Department 

GOODMAN SECTION – Lt. Frank Alberti:

-Rape on S. Clinton Ave. involving known parties

-3 robberies: 400 block of Averill street robbery involving a firearm; 500 block of Monroe Ave. robbery in Rite Aid; 100 block of Laney Rd. knifepoint robbery of pizza delivery person (resulted in arrest)

-Aggravated assaults: domestic related on Seager St.; burglary on 600 block of Monroe Ave.

-7 Motor vehicle larcenies – mostly unlocked vehicles parked in driveways. Lock up!

GENESEE SECTION – Officer Karl Dickerson:

-Stabbing at Green Knolls Dr. Apt complex yesterday under investigation

-4 burglaries: Green Knolls Apt residence; 1800 block of Mt. Hope business; 1700 block of Mt. Hope business; Crittenden Blvd. residence

-3 thefts from motor vehicles; things clearly visible in car in all 3 cases


-3 larcenies

-Assault & cutting on Gregory St. involving known parties

-Hickory St. street assault & theft involving a firearm

Q:  Neighbor recently had three young men cutting through their backyard on Sanford St; their neighbor called the police; suspects said they were just looking for a cut through and were let go; isn’t that trespassing?

A: Technically, yes. But unless you have a trespassing sign up or you are home to tell someone to get off your property, we do not prosecute violations; suggest that residents erect a trespassing sign on their property

Q: Any update on getting a new substation for Goodman section?

A: No update, we are working on it

Q: Any info on incident 3-4 days ago on Manor Parkway involving about 7 police cars or incident on Ford St. bridge yesterday involving 9 police cars?

A: If we didn’t mention those in our report, it’s possible that whatever it was, it didn’t result in anything reportable

  1. Highland Park & Lilac Festival Updates – Larry Staub

The Strategic Master Plan for Highland Park South is underway. Using a local consulting firm experienced with Park planning. There will be a kickoff “blank canvas” meeting in late April that will give community an opportunity to offer thoughts and ideas. We’ll get the word out about a specific meeting date and details. Hope to wrap up Plan development by end of year and get started on the work. Meanwhile, grass is growing on the site of demolished CCE building.

Lilac Festival just keeps getting better. Art Show on Reservoir was a great success; it got more people into the Park to enjoy the Lilacs, and the vendors were very pleased with the foot traffic.

The only big change will be moving the event tent to the parking lot of the old Cooperative Extension building; it will house the Home & Garden Show (with some reality TV star headliners!), wine tasting, farmer’s market & brew fest (with acoustic music). End time for those shows is 8:30pm.

We’ll have a neighborhood leaders meeting about a month before the Festival.

Q: Will there be food trucks again? I thought that was good.

A: Yes

Q: Will the events in the tent be ticketed?

A: Yes

We’re planning one show this summer at the Highland Bowl:  Tedeschi Trucks Band on July 8. Gates will open at 6pm, music show will be 7pm – 11pm. Band attracts an older crowd.

  1. Neighborhood Service Center reports

-David Hawkes was not able to attend due to a standing conflict; he is still planning to send a staff member from the SW NSC, but that person wasn’t able to make it tonight either.

-Clean Sweep is April 30! We will start at Frontier Field and end at Frontier Field with a ballgame; if you’re interested in having a neighbhood project done that day, let Nancy or David know ASAP. Administrators have an April 7 deadline to turn in projects, which are limited to 20 per quadrant, and it’s first come, first serve.

  1. Neighborhood and Business Development Commissioner Baye Muhammad

Commissioner Muhammad was unable to attend due to a last minute conflict, so Nancy Johns-Price reported on his behalf on some of the topics/information requested

-Gold Street Lofts:  40 letters of concern have been received by Peter Siegrist. Many neighbors would like it farther north and have concerns about traffic and the impact on community character. The project is going to site plan review in a few weeks. This is the time to make sure all your concerns have been submitted and are being heard.

Q: Do you have a date for site plan review? What day of the week

A: I believe it will not be in the next few weeks, but the two weeks after that; they are held on Tuesdays

-Highland Market:  Equipment has been installed in the interior, so we’re hoping that means it is moving along, but there’s nothing to move it forward any faster

Q: Will he be asked to sign the City’s Good Neighbor Agreement?

A: Yes, he will be asked but we can’t initiate that until he has his Certificate of Occupancy

-Terrance Building:  The City has not yet received an application to demolish the building

Q: What will be the timeline requirement to build following the demolition of the old building?

A: I can ask that question to find out about what the stipulations will be

[Information provided by Nancy following the meeting: “No such law exists to force development to occur”]

C: Concerned about this falling in the Southwest quadrant under the SW NSC office, because it effects southeast neighborhoods (Lilac, Highland) very heavily

A: David and I will work closely together in facilitating community input on this project

Q: What is the fire protocol for such a large vacant building?

A: We are not allowed to enter a building that size; this type of building won’t have a large “fire load” to cause a sizable fire anyway

Q: I attempted to attend a 32 Hickory demolition hearing, but it was cancelled and I haven’t heard anything more; what happened?

A: I can check into that, but the homeowner will be given a finite timeline

[Information provided by Nancy following the meeting: “As of the Demo hearing, the owner was given time to provide a work schedule and complete another real estate sale to fund repairs at 32 Hickory.  All external repairs to be substantially completed by May 2016.  If not done satisfactorily, case to return to demo hearing.”]

-Highland Hospital:  Peter Siegrist has been meeting with them on Planned Development District. There’s no plan for the Hospital to construct anything new. This will be a long process that will eventually have to go before the Planning Commission & City Council, and there will be plenty of opportunities (i.e. public meetings) along the way for neighborhood input.

Q: Have there been any results from the evaluation of Neighborhood and Business Development that some of us participated in at the end of last year?

A: The report has not been finished yet because the consultants are still meeting internally with Department Heads (they are done with the public input portion.

Q: What is the plan for our neighborhood curbs? How do we find out when our street is scheduled to be done?

A: That’s handled by the Dept of Environmental Services; there’s a revolving plan for the entire city, and I can put you in touch with the person who can answer your question

  1. Abundance Co-Op Grocery Presentation – Jim DeLuca

-When we move to 571 South Ave, we’ll become “Abundance Food Co-op”

-This move has been a long time (4 years) in coming; had looked at several other locations before this finally panned out

-New location will increase our retail space from 3,500 to 8,500 sf of retail

-We’ve been in business for 47 years and in our current space on Union St. since 2001

-We’ve already been through site planning & review; were verbally approved at the Planning Commission meeting and are just waiting on the formal paperwork. As soon as we get it, construction/build-out will commence, and we hope to be opening in July

-There will be an enclosed outdoor seating area for 20 on a patio off Hickory St.

-The main entrance will be off parking lot in back of building; trying to figure out a South Ave entrance but its costly to staff two entrances so we will probably not be able to do that right away

-We are adding windows to the building facade on South Ave

-We’re negotiating with RocSpot on getting a solar panel roof

Q: Will you be able to see in the windows and will you have flowerbeds on them?

A: Yes and yes

Q: What will the hours be?

A: 8am – 9pm

Q: Do you own the building?

A: No, the building was bought before we could buy it; we have a 10 year lease with three five-year options to renew, so we’re here to stay!

  1. Community Sharing

-Highland Branch Library updates: 1) We have a new adult services librarian who’s excited to meet you all  2) It will be officially announced soon that Highland Branch will be re-named the “Frederick Douglass Community Library”

-Mary Beth Spinelli from RIT conducted a focus group with the PCIC Goodman section group last week. She invites any neighborhood groups who would like to schedule a focus group to contact her (see contact info in prior meeting minutes)

-Friends of Mt. Hope Cemetery will be releasing a wonderful spring tour schedule soon

-Azalea Neighborhood Association: 24 neighbors congregated recently to discuss the Terrence Building development, and will be watching it closely. We’ve had good dialogue with the developer so far, so we’re cautiously optimistic they will listen to our concerns

-A Southeast Rochester Rotary Club was recently formed as the 6th Rotary chapter in the city of Rochester. They meet at the Pillar Church on Monday nights. Contact Nancy Johns-Price for more info.

-RG&E will be coming to a future meeting to report on plans for construction of a new substation on Mt. Hope Ave, which will also involve significant road construction on Mt. Hope Ave beginning in a few months




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