NBN6 April 11 2016 Meeting Notes

NBN6 Meeting Notes

April 11, 2016

Facilitator:  Rev. Judy Lee Hay

Refreshments:  CollegeTown


Discussion notes are “coded” in the following way:

Q = Question

A = Answer

C = Comment


  1. Introductions


  1.  Crime report from Rochester Police Department 

GOODMAN SECTION – Lt. Frank Alberti:

-3 robberies; 2 juveniles arrested that were responsible for 2 of the cases; the other was at Rite Aid shoplifting incident

-Aggravated assault on 300 block of Linden involving neighbors

-15 larcenies, including 5 car larcenies on Menlo, Broadway, Linden, South & Pembroke

-2 stolen vehicles, including one on Mulberry St; remember that its NEVER a good idea to leave the car running unattended in the driveway

-2 street robberies at gunpoint both around 500 block of Averill St.; 2 suspects arrested

GENESEE SECTION – Officer Andy Dimerick:

-2 business burglaries on 1600 block of Mt. Hope & Westfall Rd.

-Car larcenies on Mt. Hope Ave and in the cemetary


-Street robbery on Hickory St. in the afternoon

-Burglaries of businesses on South Ave 600 block & S. Clinton 600 block

-House burglary on Gregory St.

-6 car larcenies on South Ave (4), Ashland St & Cypress; again, remember to lock up and don’t leave valuables in plain view!

-2 larcenies from a house party and bike on a porch


-RPD is looking for Lilac Festival PACTAC volunteers. We would love to have you to help be our eyes and ears in the neighborhoods. RPD officers will be standing by to assist with any situations that might arise. We’ll provide training, radio, flashlight & protective clothing. We could use help anytime during the festival Contact Joan Lindberg at jglindberg@rochester.rr.com if you’re interested.

-Paul Minor reported there’s a meeting scheduled on Wed @ 5:30 with SWPC and neighbors about the group of young people hanging out around Gregory/Ashland; requested RPD presence at the meeting

  1. Neighborhood Service Center Updates – Nancy Johns-Price

-Clean Sweep is April 30. Call 311 to register and get assigned to a project!

-The Royal Tavern recently opened on 989 South Clinton (corner of Caroline). They were asked to submit an amusement license (a lesser license), but they went ahead and applied for an entertainment license (presumably so they can do live music). They therefore need a parking variance, and they will have to prove they have 20 spots available (leasing nearby lot). There was an incident, and when the RPD investigated they discovered that they’re conducting amusement without a license, so they were ticketed. It was also discovered that their security is not licensed by NYS and they’ve been ticketed for that as well.

-No update on Gold Street project; the Southwest NSC representative at the meeting will look into it

  1. Highland Hospital update – Mike Zanghi 

Highland Hospital is looking for United Way Day of Caring project in the neighborhood that would take 4-6 hours and about 20 volunteers. Contact Lisa Thompson at 341-6210 if you have a project idea.

Highland Hospital is contemplating teaming up with Rochester Childfirst Network on building a “Daycare Parking Lot”, a 100 car parking lot behind the RCN building (located across from the Hospital next to School #12 on South Ave). Highland would lease the land. Benefits would be to reduce staff parking in the neighborhood, and reduce buses circulating from CollegeTown (an expense for Highland).

Preliminary traffic assessment using existing traffic data found that:

-Project introduces traffic at a traffic light controlled intersection (a positive)

-Hospital staff parking is off-cycle from RCN parking/traffic patterns

-Project doesn’t make traffic any worse at Rockingham & South Ave.

Representative of RCN added that there would be no negative affect on RCN, and that they will make sure child safety is considered first and foremost.

City of Rochester approval process for special use permit, as well as leasing arrangements, are the next steps. There will be a Planning Commission meeting.


Q: Have you talked to School #12 or the Recreation Center about your plans?

A: We’ve had preliminary discussions with the School District, and will follow up with School 12. We are not anticipating any negative impact to the school or Recreation Center.

Q: Have you considered the “swampland” & “wetlands” terrain in that location?

A: Yes, and the water flow would be directed to the sewer and go through the Monroe County water system; we’re working with professional landscape architects and engineers on the planning

Q: Will there be security?

A: Our security staff who patrols the South Ave. garage would also patrol this parking lot

Q: Do you anticipate using all 100 spots?

A: Yes, we’ll be moving 70 from the CollegeTown garage, and hoping to pull 30 or so more folks that currently park in the neighborhood

Q: Any concern about rogue employee parkers who aren’t in the Highland Hospital parking system?

A: We’re hoping it’ll be another incentive for them to join the system


  1. RGE Substation – Yvette Torres

Building of a new substation, a project long planned for for 250 Mount Hope Ave, is finally moving forward. Apologies on behalf of RGE for the long delay (since 2013) on development of this project.

Will put it out to bid this June/July, construction will take one year, and building will be completed by summer 2017. It will take another year for the substation to actually be operational, but at that point RGE could begin plantings and outside landscaping.

Any questions from neighbors, we are happy to respond. Call Yvette Torres at 724-8742.


Q: Are you considering planting mature trees around the property so we don’t have to wait so long for the property to look decent?

A: We haven’t decided on exact plantings, but will consider that

Q: Will you direct your construction trucks to not drive down residential streets whenever possible?

A: Sure, we can do that

Q: Is this the same rendering that was approved by SWPC 4 yrs ago?

A: Yes, it hasn’t changed


Related to the substation building is a project to run new transmission line for underground sewer & utility lines that will begin in August. Construction for the entire project will take about 6 months. The project will impact Mt. Hope Ave. from Ford Street bridge to Averill for about 2 months.

Q: How will you deal with very heavy traffic on Ford St. bridge?

A: The City regulates construction hours, so we will be able to work between 9am-4pm only, then after 6pm (can’t work during rush hours)

Q: How will you communicate to neighbors about the construction schedule?

A: There will be a toll free number that will be included in a mailing/door hanger to immediate neighbors and that we can provide so you can send out to neighbors through your distribution channels


  1. CollegeTown – Cass McCory & Sara Gosnell

On Sat April 30 from 10am-3pm there will be a community event celebrating our one year anniversary, including a carnival in the north parking lot between Hilton Garden Inn and (former) Constantinos building.

Q: Can you advertise free parking more? Doesn’t seem to be awareness.

A: We’re trying to do that and we’ll also be adding banners in the coming months

Q: How are you going to do about Constantino’s and Corner Bakery vacancies

A: We put a survey out to UR community asking, what do people want to see at CollegeTown? What would they support? We still get a lot of calls for a grocery store but obviously there wasnt enough to support the Constantino store. If you have a neighborhood group you can get that survey out to, please let us know.

C: It would be really nice to see some more local businesses (as opposed to chains)

A: We would too, and I can tell you what we have in the works are local businesses


  1. Community Sharing

-Highland Park Neighborhood will be participating in the Flower City Half Marathon Neighborhood Spirit contest on April 24 and welcomes everyone from the area to come out and join us to cheer on the runners starting at 8:00 on S. Goodman St. from Benton up to Highland Parkway

-Developer Lyjha Wilton recently shared project plans for the corner of Averill & South Ave where he is planning to locate Main Street Meats as a tenant. A lot of concerns were expressed about the truck deliveries at that location (impact on bike boulevard). April 21 is the deadline for submitting comments to the Zoning Board.

-There will be a meeting here on April 27 @ 7pm about City’s response/results to the Mt. Hope traffic study.

-A public meeting on the Highland Park South Master Plan will be held here on Thursday, April 28th from 6:00 – 8:00 pm

-This Saturday is Celebrate City Living event at City Hall from 10am-3pm

-Upcoming Highland branch library events: April 20th – afternoon event for kids, April 27th – adult book group, 28th & 29th – book sale

-You’re all invited to join the new Southeast Rochester Rotary Club! It’s only been going 2 months and we already have 20 members. The group meets on Mondays @ 6pm; annual dues of $100 and required twice monthly attendance. The group is already looking for a volunteer project to do on Clean Sweep Day if any neighborhood groups have a project they’d like to have done.

-SWPC is still looking for new Board members, especially people specializing in real estate



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