NBN6 May 16 2016 Meeting Notes

NBN6 Meeting Notes

May 16, 2016

Facilitator:  Sue O’Neil

Refreshments:  NeighborGood Grant / Rev. Judy Lee Hay


Discussion notes are “coded” in the following way:

Q = Question

A = Answer

C = Comment


  1. Introductions


  1.  Crime report from Rochester Police Department 

GOODMAN SECTION – Lt. Frank Alberti:

-Reminder to call 311 or 911 to report crimes, otherwise we don’t know about it and can’t track crime statistics

-2 robberies; 500 block of Monroe and Alpine St.

-3 aggravated assaults; 2 resulted in arrests

-3 burglaries; Elmherst St., Boardman St. & Averill Ave.

-10 larcenies; 7 from unlocked vehicles with valuables in view

-2 motor vehicle thefts

Lilac Festival had some “hiccups” as you saw in the news; had extra patrols and PACTAC volunteers patroling, which was new; got good feedback from the volunteers who enjoyed walking with the officers

Q: When we hear car alarm going off in the middle of the night, what should we do?

A: Don’t hesitate to call 911; it won’t necessarily be put on priority but that way at least we know and can respond if we’re in the area; whatever you do, don’t take matters into your own hands or do nothing; please encourage your neighbors to call us when they see or hear something amiss (not just post about it on social media)

GENESEE SECTION – Officer Tony McMullan:

-Small uptick in burglaries in the Elmwood area since last year, but against 4 year average we’re still 18% below where we’ve been

-Speed on Mt. Hope was discussed at a meeting last week; from our perspective given its a narrow road, we’d be putting the public more at risk by doing radar enforcement

Q: Is there a date when the crosswalk lights will be going in on Mt. Hope

A: I don’t know, but can look into it and let you know at the next mtg

Q: Any more activity in the Terrence Building? i.e. “urban explorers” going through the property

A: We have not gotten any reports about it lately


-17 reported crimes in the last month, all larcenies of some kind which is less serious crime

-13 of the 17 were vehicle larcenies (up from 6 last month); 4 unlocked vehicles and 9 break-ins; reminder to not have anything worth more than $2 in plain view

-Another was a bike theft from a front porch, which was on a bike lock; bike locks are very ineffective in protecting you from theft for more than a short period; encourage you to bring your bikes inside

Q: Can you report on the situation with youth around Marie Daley Park (after the neighborhood meeting a few weeks ago)?

A: Narrowed it down to a location on Hickory St.. Arrested 2 youth that seemed to be the source of the problems; its a Section 8 apartment, and spoke with the property manager who intends to proceed with an eviction process. The City is also contacting the absentee landlord (who lives out of state) to encourage them to improve screening of their tenants. We also have increased patrols around the park in the evenings. Pathways to Peace also went over and talked to some of the young people. All of these together seem to have helped.

  1. Neighborhood Service Center Updates – Nancy Johns-Price

-Community Asset Partner Network is looking to recognize people that work with youth in a positive way. Looking for nominations for people that will be celebrated at a ceremony later in May. Let Nancy know if you have a nominee.

-Clean Sweep was fabulous. Remember that you can do mini-sweeps at any time during the year with just a week’s notice.

-Working with Royal Tavern on S. Clinton on being a good neighbor. They’re being very cooperative and they are reporting in to us every week. There have been no issues the last 3 weeks.

Q: Are you aware of the late night hanging out and drugs happening in their parking lot and on the street?

A: I don’t believe there’s been any activity like that in the last 3 weeks. We are trying to give them a chance and allow them to show they can be a good neighbor.


  1. Pathstone Updates – Nicola Kammers, Deputy of Property Management


-There will be 57 – 1, 2 & 3 bedroom units and first floor commercial space

-Target residents will be in 50th, 60th or 90th percentile of median household income; no Section 8, but we will accept vouchers

-9 units are set aside for visually and hearing impaired individuals

-Completion expected in October; hoping for move-ins in November

-Amenities include garden rooftop, patio courtyard area on ground floor, bike storage, elevators, laundry on each floor, community room, tenant storage, parking & playground, and a public bus stop at front door

-Don’t have enough parking for one spot per unit, so spots will be shared by tenants, but in negotiation with ABVI about using some parking spaces on their adjacent property.

Q: Any interested commercial tenants?

A: We are using a leasing consultant, and they are in conversation with a hair salon but no firm commitment

Q: How much commercial space is there?

A: Total of 5,500 square feet; they’re leaving it as an open shell for now until we see what type of interest we receive.

Q: When will you be extending the median on Byron St.?

A: That won’t be until October


-Building rehab was completed in 2015 and it’s fully leased. We have wonderful, unique residents and have maintained 98% occupancy in 2015.

-Please come for a tour! Contact Nicola Kammers at 442-9440.


  1. South Clinton Business Association Update – Sarah Farmer

357 Averill Ave. variance request has been a big topic. Lyjha Wilton was requesting for a tenant Main Street Meat & Grocer, which was seen as competitive with McCann’s Meats  as well as Abundance (also his tenant). Also a concern about insufficient parking, and the size of the addition he was planning (2,400 sf) and why it was necessary, and location of the loading zone. The City’s notification about the variance did not get to most of the neighbors, and the Zoning Board decision was postponed. Letters were submitted by area business owners in opposition. After a thorough tour and better understanding of the plans, a verbal agreement has been made between Lyjha and the SCBA that includes the following stipulations:  the exterior will be restored and improved; there will be some kind of mural/art project on the property; he will not lease to any business that sell alcohol/lotto/cigarettes; he will not permit  loitering on the property; there will be adequate signage; he will share parking with nearby businesses; there will be a parklet or something else attractive installed on green space on Averill & S. Clinton. SCBA is also convinced that Main Street Meats will not be in competition of McCann’s since it’s a whole sale place for sales transactions only (i.e. no prepared foods, no outdoor seating). Also convinced the loading zone will not be an issue with just one early morning delivery per day. The design and layout is beautiful. Based on this agreement, SCBA wrote a letter of support, and at the recent (re-scheduled) hearing, he was awarded the zoning variance. Construction is planned for over the winter, and Main Street Meats plans to open in the spring.

Q: You will get that agreement in writing (based on his reputation for follow through)

A: Yes, we are still negotiating the final agreement

Q: What about the concern about Averill Ave. as a fire route?

A: RFD has said the development plan meets all the necessary requirements

Q: What about the proposed bicycle boulevard for Averill?

A: I don’t think it will be effected by this plan

-Lots of beautification happening on the Avenue. Custom iron planters will be installed at the Cub Room, and we will be planting flowers in all the planters along the Avenue this weekend.


  1. Neighborhood Updates & Community Sharing


-Lots of cool tours happening this spring & summer…come spend some time!


-Neighbors had a meeting last week with developer of the Terrence Building. They are looking at the street design based on feedback from January public meeting, and were planning to submit their proposal to the City and Brighton in the next month or so. There will be a full year of demolition and remediation work before construction would begin, so this will be a long process.


-South Wedge Farmer’s Market will be opening on Thurs June 9.

-3 grant slots have opened up for SWPC’s home repair program; contact Eilleen Thomas at 256-1740 x103.


-A “refresh” of the Boulevart street painting on corner of Linden & Meigs is planned for Sat June 11 (rain date Sun June 12). Contact Mike Thompson if you want to come out and paint!

-Look out for more information about a June 23 HPNA General Meeting (location TBA) with representatives from the City to talk about recycling program, bike boulevards, water quality, and other topics.


-Homework help Mon-Thurs 3-5pm

-Adult coloring on Thursdays this month 3-4pm

-Book group on May 25 @ 7pm

-Summer reading program for kids is now ready


-Highland Hospital will hold a public meeting in June about its future development plans, so keep your eye out for that.


-Had a successful Clean Sweep

-New CVS (corner of Crittenden & Mt. Hope) withdrew its application to replace a monument sign for third wall mounted sign

-Meeting with developers May 16 for final draft on replacing banners on Mt. Hope Ave. with Collegetown banners

-Concerns about Gold Street Lofts size and limited parking plan, which would put pressure on neighborhood already dealing with limited side street parking


Current issues important to the neighborhood:

-The Lilac Festival

-Paid concerts in Highland Park

-Splitting the neighborhood into two different police precincts

-Loss of Fire Truck 8 from South Ave. firehouse to the West Brighton firehouse

-Inadequate parking for the Gold Street project

-Traffic and speeding on Mt. Hope Ave. and all neighborhood streets


-South Clinton Reconstruction to start in July. Another public meeting is to be scheduled by City prior to commencement (date to be announced)

-Great turnout for Clean Sweep and United Day of Caring. Several projects completed including clean-up of Bloom Garden, Otto Henderberg Park and Community Gardens at School 35

-Annual Swillburg Picnic is June 2 at 2:00 p.m. at Otto Henderberg Park

-Ethiopian Restaurant to open in Crossroads building owned by Ed Simmons


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