NBN6 Oct 24 2016 Meeting Notes

NBN6 Meeting Notes

October 24, 2016

Facilitator:  Lisa Reagan

Refreshments:  NeighborGood Grant / Rev. Judy Lee Hay


Discussion notes are “coded” in the following way:

Q = Question

A = Answer

C = Comment

  1. Introductions

Welcome and thank you to Becca Webb, resident of the South Wedge, who is joining the NBN6 Leadership Team.


  1.  Rochester Police Dept Crime reports (since our last mtg approx. Sept 9)

GENESEE SECTION (UR, Upper Mt. Hope, Lilac/Azalea neighborhoods) – Officer Dickerson:

  • 4 burglaries
  • 1 robbery of a police officer on Green Knolls Dr.
  • Numerous car larcenies, which are spiking

CENTRAL SECTION (South Wedge neighborhood) – Lt. Agnone:

  • Homicide at Hamilton Tower involving domestic parties
  • Knife assault on the street at 400 block of South Ave.
  • Several burglaries from construction sites in the area
  • Car larcenies are spiking in this area as well

GOODMAN SECTION (Highland Park, Swillburg neighborhoods) – Officer Michelle Velez:

  • 3 robberies including Subway on Monroe Ave
  • 5 burglaries
  • 33 larcenies including 10 from motor vehicles
  • 1 motor vehicle theft


Q: What’s the status of the body cameras?

A: Clinton section is fully operational; issues with software and data storage being worked out; Central section doesn’t have them yet but has been trained and will be equipped with them soon


Q: Is there a blue light camera on the corner of South & Gregory?

A: No, I don’t believe there is one there. You can lobby the Chief’s office, submit letter/phone calls to advocate for getting one where you think they should be


C: Have observed that there are more aggressive people hanging out on the sidewalk and having confrontations on the west side of South Ave. between Mt. Hope & Hamilton

A: I will take note of that now, and if you see it happening in progress, make sure you call us

C: “Tent city” near the bridge overpass on Mt. Hope is where they seem to be originating

A: We are trying to work with Time Warner because it’s their private property, but they don’t seem to want to do anything about it so there’s really nothing we can do

Q: Will there be a clean-up or sweep of that area again?

A (by Nancy J-P): Carol Wheeler in the Housing Dept will direct that over the winter; the homeless network is working very hard on it, but it is a difficult population to convince to use the housing that’s available to them


  1. Neighborhood Service Center Report – Nancy Johns-Price

1) There is an event at the Ryan Community Center on Oct 27, 6-8pm for youth and families called “ACTober” (with a Halloween theme). There will be a presentations on Safety Net, 2-1-1 program and the Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative / Connected Communities initiative. Please share with any families you know in that area.

2) The nuisance points process is one of the tools the City uses to keep landlords and business owners accountable. A “315 Process” allows the City to close down a business temporarily or permanently, although this is usually reserved for very serious violations. A consultant has been hired to evaluate the effectiveness of the City’s Nuisance Program. Part of that process will be community meetings in each quadrant the week of Nov 14-17. The consultant wants to hear from the community about suggested changes in the process. The Southeast quadrant community meeting will be on Tues Nov 15, 6pm at Dazzle Theatre on Webster Ave.

Q: Is it true that if the police stop by and talk to them it doesn’t necessarily mean they are being cited or points assessed?

A: Correct. The police have to witness the violation. So in the case of noise, patrol officers have to hear it to assess a ticket, so if they’re not there when it’s occurring, they can’t issue a ticket. If you are not getting what you need from police patrol, what you can do is submit a deposition, which can result in a ticket, and a ticket can lead to nuisance points.

3) There is also an evaluation being done of the City’s Focused Investment Strategy (FIS). A community input session will be held on Nov 16, 6pm at the Southeast NSC office.

4) Last week, there was a community meeting held at the German House in response to the gunshots that were fired several weeks ago. It was heavily attended by 40-50 people. Very impressed with the German House who spearheaded the meeting, took responsibility for what they could have done differently, and owner Evan Pierce has committed to the following:

-He will not use the promoter of the event that he used for the event the night the incident occurred

-He will close down at midnight for large events

-He will meet with RPD to make a security plan before every event

-He will notify neighborhood organizations before every large event

-He will get ID scanner technology so he can prevent banned individuals from coming in

Q: Did the matter involve the Buta Pub?

A: No, only to the German House, which was assessed 6 points (limit of what can be applied in any one night)

C: He mentioned that they have a lot of weddings on the calendar and there will not be many public events coming up anyway


  1. Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan Update – Doug Benson, City of Rochester

Been working for 2-2.5 years to update the original LWRP plan from 1990, which covered everything along the lakeshore, down the river to the Lower Falls and everything in between. For this update, we’ve extended the boundary from the port all the way down to the canal, through High Falls, downtown, and riverfront in the Southeast down to the canal.

Draft document submitted to Department of State last year. It was worked on by a 25 member Advisory Committee, including Paul Minor from this group. Finally got the State’s official comments 4-5 months ago and are trying to address those, and put together a final document for adoption by City Council, hopefully early next year. There have been focus groups and broad public information meetings throughout the process. There will be 2 public hearings, 1 more public information meeting, then the Plan will go for Planning Commission approval, City Council approval, then on to the State for official approval.

Improving public access, maintaining scenic vistas, promoting appropriate land use of key sites, are all priorities in the plan from a conceptual standpoint. There is not a lot of detailed, prescribed land use to leave a lot of room for future decisions, except for a handful of sites. In this area, the vacant land on Mt. Hope near Time Warner is cited specifically in the plan. Recommended land uses that were identified for that location include:  Boat docks and slips, festivals/events/outdoor entertainment, public walkways and trails, passive recreation (picnicking, etc), active recreation, restaurants, and viewsheds. It is also identified as a possible mixed-use development site along Mt. Hope Avenue (adjacent to/south of Time Warner).

Q: How did mixed-use end up as a potential land use for area 6c? Thought we gave very clear input that we did NOT support this as a neighborhood.

A: That refers to a possible use for the street front on Mt. Hope Ave. The design would not be allowed to block the river view, and it would have to provide public access.

Summary of multiple comments:

This seems to go against what we have clearly stated, that there be no development that blocks the river view. Our fear is that a high story building (like Erie Harbor) will destroy the neighborhood’s connection and view of the river; the river view is being blocked at many points (e.g. near Dinosaur BBQ) and we don’t want to see one of the remaining openings we have left further close it off.

A: So you’re opposed to any development on Mt. Hope Ave. that would front on Mt. Hope Ave. with public access somehow through to the river?

General Consesus:

Yes! We have seen this happen in other areas and are not going compromise on this. We don’t want a large mixed-use development that’s going to block the view of the river there.

A: We can talk about clearer language in the project recommendation description to make sure your community desires are met. Get me that language and I can work on incorporating it.

C: Also, 151 Mt. Hope is currently in use for parking for the South Wedge Famer’s Market, and we would like to keep access to that, which is vital to the market.

Q: Can we be assured that nothing will be approved by the City for this parcel of land before this Plan is approved? (Not long ago, there was an RFP put out by the City which was thankfully rescinded)

A: It’s not in my power to guarantee that.


  1. Community Sharing

Please submit community sharing items to nbn6leadershipteam@gmail.com following the meeting.


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