NBN6 Nov 14 2016 Meeting Notes

NBN6 Meeting Notes

November 14, 2016

Facilitator:     Judy Lee Hay

Refreshments:  NeighborGood Grant/Lisa Reagan


Discussion notes are “coded” in the following way:

Q = Question

A = Answer

C = Comment


  1. Introductions


  1.  Rochester Police Dept . Crime Reports 


GENESEE SECTION (UR, Upper Mt. Hope, Lilac/Azalea neighborhoods) – Officer Dickerson


  • 1 burglary, 400 block Mt Hope, apartment bldg., electronics stolen
  • A lot of thefts involving motor vehicles: on Henrietta Rd , Red Fern, Rosemount, Lattimore (2), Shelbourne, Stanford Rd., Westview Ter. Lock up and hide or remove any valuables!


Q:  Sounds like a student demographic on Shelborne, Stanford?

A:  Could be, but don’t know.


Captain McMullen: We made a commitment for 2 hrs. traffic enforcement. The officer responsible just transferred to another job. He will be replaced, and the traffic enforcement will then resume.


Q; McMullen: Who is taking lead on receiving comments on the crosswalk on Mt. Hope (going to cemetery)? I’d love to know how many times that crosswalk is activated.

C:  We don’t actually know if crosswalk will actually monitor the number of crossings, and certainly not whether cars stop.

C: I’ve crossed there a number of times, and many cars stopped.

C: Some people stopped, sometimes I had to get into the middle of the street before they stopped.

McMullen: Until we find out more, please press the button so it will register each crossing.


Q: We saw officers parked near the stop signs on Cypress and Linden. Is this an effort for traffic control?

A: Captain Cuyler: There’s a number of reasons they could have been there.


C: Thank you to all the police officers who were present on Election Day and at the cemetery the day before – great job!


GOODMAN SECTION  (Highland Park, Swillburg neighborhoods)

Lt. Cuyler: Regarding officer Michelle Velez’ transferring: One of benefits of our work is there are a variety of jobs available. Michelle took a job in the Licensing Investigation Unit. We have advertised the opening for a crime prevention officer to replace her. We have 9 applications, there will be interviews.


Q: What is the Licensing Investigation Unit?

A: Regards alcohol, taxicab plates, licenses from vending to entertainment. Makes sure all the businesses that need licenses have them.


Lt. Alberti:  We all know how well she did her job. She had 9 years experience as a Crime Prevention Officer. She will be sorely missed. I’m confident we will find an excellent replacement.


Crime Reports: last 30 days

  • Homicide – none.
  • Rape – none.
  • Robbery, none until today. In lower numbers of Wilcox Street, a person was pushed to the ground; wallet, money taken. There is some lack of clarity as to the suspects and the details of the event, and complexity in the investigation. No evidence, leads, suspects.
  • Burglaries (2), Lower numbers Edmonds St., and Gregory Hill Rd. There’s no pattern. Nobody was home.
  • Car Larceny (breaking into, or entering, vehicles and stealing items) There’s been an uptick: 13 this month: 9 from window breaks, 4 involving unlocked vehicles. Areas: Rutgers, Field St., Seager St., Meigs St., Mt. Vernon, S. Clinton


We have the “Scout Car”, a car planted in a problem area to trap car thieves.  It has an alarm system (that notifies the police office), and we place some object of value in view inside the car.


Recommendations: Stay vigilant, have good lighting, park in driveway, lock your car, don’t leave items in plain view.


  1. We recently had a rash of car entries on Meadowbrook, Azalea, Laney (no windows broken, only loose change taken.)
  2. They weren’t included in these stats.


Q: In the scout car, is there a chip in the bait items?

A: No.


Q: There was a suspicious, unlocked bike left outside my house for 24 hours. Should I have called to report?

A: Call to report it – if it seems suspicious. We will check it out.



DOWNTOWN SECTION (South Wedge) Lt. Rob Wilson


Crimes since Oct 24:  9 total crimes: in the area from Wedgepoint to Linden St.

  • Harassment, 500 block of South Ave – the person who called the police for someone else got stabbed.
  • Larcenies: Prescription meds were stolen from a back porch on Cypress St.
  • 3 Car break-ins – forced entry: 700 block of Clinton Ave, night of 25-26th
  • 2 break-ins on 250-350 block of Gregory St., night of Nov 9 – VCR tapes, phone charger taken.
  • 1 Burglary: 100 block Cypress St., night of 30-31st, 2 bikes taken from a garage.
  • Misc Larceny (2) – 2 grills taken from yard, and a visitor to someone’s house took some money.
  • No serious violent crimes.


Q: Same question as above about police cars parked on Linden, Cypress? Were they doing traffic control?

A: Our cars try to be visible while they do their reports, to show they are ready to respond.

C: We want to express our appreciation for their presence.


  1. Anything new on flag burnings on N. Winton?

A: The cases are investigated as arsons. They are being looked at. No specific information.


Captain Dave Smith:  Bicycle larcenies in S Wedge…


  1. Neighborhood Service Center Reports – Nancy Johns-Price (SE Neighborhood Service Center), John McMann (SW Neighborhood Service Center)


John McMann : Mr Hawkes sends his apologies – he had to be at another meeting.


  • Nuisance Point Meeting happening tomorrow (Nov. 15) at 2 pm Across from Costco.


  • We are putting together leadership training for community residents. Goal is to make it a community driven training session on Team building/ Conflict Resolution / Serving on boards & committees/ …

Looks like April 2017.   We will have a pilot project in the SW.

4 consecutive Tuesday nights. Looking for 10 people in neighborhood associations to participate.


  1. David Hawkes, in charge of SW NSC, has suggested to us ways that neighborhood representatives can be active in the SW NSC. Is it correct that we will have a conversation about how to bring input to these meetings without having representatives attending all the meetings?

A: The Quadrant Meeting is the one for neighborhood associations

Q; The issue is, for example, SWPC is partly in SE and SW. Do SWPC representatives need to be attending both the SE and SW Quadrant meetings? And have you communicated with the associations who were not previously included in the SW quadrant?

A: We are beginning to start reaching out to them.


McMann: Thank you for sending the minutes. We can do better job in sending out agendas for SW Quadrant Meetings.


Nancy Johns-Price


  • The Mayor has started 90 Days of Community Engagement on Police-Community Relations. I have cheat-sheets to hand out for upcoming meetings:


Five open forum discussions will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. in each of the Police Department’s Patrol Sections:

  • Monday, Nov. 7 at the Thomas P. Ryan R-Center, 530 Webster Ave.
  • Thursday, Nov. 10 at the David F. Gantt R-Center, 700 North St.
  • Tuesday, Nov. 15 at the Flint Street R-Center, 271 Flint St.
  • Friday, Dec. 2 at the Edgerton R-Center, 41 Backus St.
  • Monday, Dec. 5 at the Adams Street R-Center, 85 Adams St.


Nuisance Points Project : Meeting at Dazzle Theater tomorrow (Neighborhood leaders are invited). Judy Lee Hay will attend tomorrow.


Wed Nov 16, South East Focused Investment Strategy Stakeholder Meeting. 6 pm at Southeast NSC Center


Rochester 4.0 Planning Area (open to all) Ryan Center on Nov 17th. The community will have an opportunity to give input into the planning process. 5-7 pm. School 33 at the Ryan Center.


Also we are doing community talks – if anyone wants to talk about underage drinking,  Dec 8th Thurs at Ryan Center


Q: Is there some way to avoid planning meetings on the same night?

A: We realize we need to sit down and talk about scheduling (David, Pamela, …  and I have observed and discussed the need for this).


  • I have a survey for 265 Goodman Residents. If you want to fill one of these out, I will be in the back of the room and can give you one.


Q: Is this on-line?

A: We will send out the link.


  1. Zombie Properties – Gary Kirkmire, City of Rochester – cancelled!


Gary Kirkmire, who was to present at this meeting tonight on zombie properties, had a family emergency 15 minutes before this meeting started, and couldn’t attend tonight as planned. He will re-schedule and attend a future meeting.


Nancy Johns Price Since Gary was unable to attend, and if you are willing, I would like to begin to discuss how to design the next meeting, and topics, for Sector 6, regarding the 4.0 Plan.


A quick list of topics and goals proposed for the Renaissance 2010 plan: Public safety communication, Education, Development, increased commercial activity, commercial vacancies, number of new businesses..


We need to start with things you have already worked on to develop.

Tonight we could list items that will get to the SE Planning Committee.


[Note: The attendees were unsure of the goal of the present discussion, and what was being asked for.]


C: We have generated topics in the last plan, from 2009 – let’s use that as a template for what should be discussed. I suggest we add a traffic evaluation one of the unintended side effects of the neighborhood’s success.


C: We never get to the point of discussing why things don’t work. How can we shorten this process? Zombie properties are important. Zoning is important. We need to shorten the life between identifying the problem and addressing it.


Facilitator:   Let’s continue discussion of this process in the future.


  1. C-1 Zoning Issue Update – Lisa Reagan


Dan Hurley & others approached the city to request a change in the City’s C-1 zoning character, limiting the height of these uses next to residential areas.


The City has expressed interest in going forward and evaluating it. So we asked them to consider the zoning change and place a moratorium on new development until this is done. The moratorium idea hasn’t gone forward yet.


The report from the meeting this week indicated that The City would prefer to wait until the judge decides on the current appeal by the developers of the Gold St. proposal of The City’s rejection of their proposal to use the R-1 neighboring property for parking. This decision might happen this week. If there is no moratorium, any proposal that comes in now will be decided under the existing C-1 zoning in the code.



  1. Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan Update (LWRP) – Paul Minor


Paul Minor read a paragraph, below, he was asked to write to be inserted into the LWRP at last month’s meeting. At our last meeting, Doug Benson, City of Rochester, presented the portion of the revitalization plan along our stretch of the river. He reported on the development of some kind of structure on the open land near Time Warner Cable. This is one of the few open stretches of land between our neighborhood streets and river. Our neighborhood would like to keep the  visual and physical access in this location open.


Doug –

Last night the Meeting of NBN6 endorsed support of this statement of my comments at the time of your presentation to us on October 24th.

“The priority for the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program in Area 6C (adjacent to 151 Mt Hope Avenue in the South Wedge) should be finalization of any plans along the Genesee River prior to developing Design Guidelines for the City-owned parcel designated 151 Mt. Hope.  This stretch of Riverfront is one of few remaining visible from a heavily traveled main artery with undeveloped land separating the two.  Whatever is to happen along the River – and there have been numerous ideas including proposals from a Community Design Center Charrette – should be clearly settled and funded before any kind of development of the vacant land on Mt. Hope proceeds. Public access, activities, parking, views – these are all important to the successful use and enjoyment of this stretch of Riverfront and should not be compromised by a development of the adjacent land with little regard to what might come later.  Revitalization should begin at the water’s edge and work its way back to public streets, walks, and bikeways, and not the other way around.”

With concern that you might need to edit for length I offer the following version

“The priority for the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program in Area 6C should be finalization of any plans along the Genesee River prior to developing Design Guidelines for the City-owned parcel designated 151 Mt. Hope.  This stretch of Riverfront is one of few remaining visible from a heavily traveled main artery with undeveloped land separating the two.  Whatever is to happen along the River should be clearly settled before any kind of development on Mt. Hope proceeds.  Public access, activities, parking, views – are all important to the successful use and enjoyment of this stretch of Riverfront and should not be compromised by a development of the adjacent land with little regard to what might come later.  Revitalization should begin at the water’s edge and work its way back to public streets, walks, and bikeways, and not the other way around.”  (139 words)

We would appreciate reviewing any further cuts you may want to make, to make sure that the essence of the statement is intact.  This is a feeling widely held in the South Wedge, but it’s greater importance is to all who travel this corridor – by car, by bicycle, by foot – and should be included in the final submission to Albany.

Many thanks,

Paul Minor


Facilitator: To summarize, we want to state we wish to plan the riverfront first, and look for funding for those plans, before any development of the land at 151 Mt Hope happens.


C:  (Regarding Paul Minor’s text) They may not be ready to deal with such a long paragraph – we may need to specify the last 2 sentences are the important ones.


Q: What kind of teeth do we have on this request?

A: A year ago the City wouldn’t even have approached us, we asked the city to have input.


Facilitator: The LWRP is still at the draft stage, now is the time!


  1. Community Sharing


  • Frederick Douglass Community Library

– Exciting news: New Frederick Douglas mural!

– There will be a book sale this Thurs, Fri. Everything costs 25 cents.

– Nov. 21:  Make Your Own Terrarium workshop- supplies provided. Call to register.

– At the Phyllis Wheatley branch : Family Arts Day: Many local cultural institutions will be represented – to introduce city kids & families to the arts. There will be fun activities for kids.  11:00-1:30 pm. All are invited


Q: When will we learn when we will get access to the community meeting room?

A: We need to write out rules of use for the room… A meeting is being proposed.


  • The Highland Park Neighborhood Association will have its annual meeting at Swiftwater Brewery, Dec 6, 6:30 pm. Looking for input.

There will be a cash bar, appetizers.


  • Work has begun on Abundance Coop – they are tearing up the parking lot today. Jim says it’ll be open in 90 days. Best to add more time to that estimate.


Q: What about the Highland Market?

A: Still many questions unanswered: Their windows are being washed (usually done just before opening) but still no answers to questions like why are the shelving units still blocking the windows.


Q:  Mike Thompson: Regarding City tree planting and cutting (one was cut down by mistake), what is guiding forestry when they do their planning? There was an old master plan, and now there seems to be a new one. How do I find this out from City Forestry? They are not returning my calls.

A: Nancy Johns Price: I would send an email and copy Mitch Rowe.


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