May 8 2017 Meeting Notes

NBN6 Meeting Notes 

May 8, 2017

Discussion notes are “coded” in the following way:

Q = Question

A = Answer

C = Comment


  1. Introductions


  1. Crime Prevention Reports

Genesee Section – Officer Tony McMullin

There were no major incidents, but some larcenies because of items left in cars as well as unlocked cars. Please continue to remind people about this.

Mayor Warren, Harry Bronson and Chief Ciminelli met about the Romano House and discussed policy changes for those living there who are on parole. Details will be outlined.

Goodman Section – Sammy Drayton (new Community Peace Officer)

7 larcenies and 3 burglaries were reported; several arrests were made for drugs and one for arson. The aggressive panhandler reported several times by citizens was arrested. The photo submitted by a resident was helpful. New crime patterns include packages left on front porches in some areas. We were reminded to call the deliverers with specific details on where and when to leave packages. Several car larcenies were identified with a scout car (bait car that notifies police if entered) . This is helpful in identifying targeted streets.

Q- What is being done for the Lilac Festival?  Volunteer  PacTacs will be active; the new age restriction will be in place; as in past years -Pathways to Peace will participate. We are encouraged to spend more time in front yards and to call police for any unruly or questionable activities.

Central Downtown (SW) – Lt. Rob Wilson 

Increase in crime from the last period from 8 to 20.  No robberies, 2 burglaries in the 500 Block of  South and  1-99 block of Alexander. 17 larcenies – 11 vehicle and 6 others, including 2 bikes stolen. Q- Is there a pattern? Yes. Many cars were broken into on lower Gregory, Sanford, Averill, South and Mt. Hope.


  1. Neighborhood Service Center Reports

Nancy Johns-Price (SE) thanked the May 6th Clean Sweep participants. Despite the wet, cold weather, everything went smoothly with new volunteers connected to projects. There were enough volunteers this year. Mini sweeps are available any time -supplies will be provided, even on a Sunday. The overall Roc 4.0 planning process is 4 months behind schedule, but the NBN6 portion is on schedule. Mike Valazquez was promoted to head the Frederick Douglass library.

Q.What has happened with funds for Nathaniel Square maintenance?  A. The park is cared for by BASWA through local taxes paid by area businesses.  Petitions will have to be signed again to cover expenses for the next 10 years.

John McMahon (SW) discussed the Nuisance Abatement program that will be on a new computer system for reporting. The annual Flower City Work Camp improved 53 sites throughout the city. Another round of roofing grants expected in August and will be awarded through a lottery system. 200 grants will be available city wide. A new window grant announced – details are on the city web site.

Q. How are sidewalk repairs done?  A.They are completed on a long term schedule unless it is an emergency / serious damage.


  1. Discussion of Genesee Gateway Park Improvements

Jeff Mroczek, city planner and landscape architect is responsible for the Gateway Park landscape design  – phase II. Phase 1 around the Erie Harbor development was completed in 2014 and included public artwork.  A Master Plan was developed and funded only for the design work / a firm was selected but must be approved by City Council before an announcement is made.  The City will reapply for construction financing later.

Q. What is the Timeframe? A. 1 year for design preparation which will include public input in the summer / early fall.   Public responses from the March meeting at Hamilton will be considered.

Q. How much latitude is there for the walkway along river?  A.This can be addressed in upcoming meetings.

Q. Can you have flexibility regarding the border between the properties and involving the basketball court? A. That will be discussed in the plan.

Q. What considerations were made for the Farmers market? A. All 5 proposals incorporated space for the Farmers market. However no plan was made for parking – an arrangement with Spectrum will be discussed.

Q. How are designs of the park and the 151 property coordinated?  A. Mroczek hopes to be involved with NBD staff as they move forward on the RFP.

Judy Bennett explained the recent survey distributed by Strategic Community Interventions on behalf of Rochester Housing Charities, SWPC and Morgan Communities to respond to the City’s yet unreleased RFP to develop 151 Mt. Hope.


  1. Colgate Divinity and Top Capital Plans and Terrence Building

Karl Waelder, chair of Highland Park Neighborhood Association, addressed some of the community’s concerns and comments. He explained need for site plan approval and the processes that are still required. Both this and Terrence are in a pre-existing R-1 zone, so a more detailed plan is required. Both projects will require Planned Development Districts. Planning and  Zoning departments make recommendations only; City Council must approve the projects. Terrence plans have been submitted and are on line / Colgate plans have not been submitted. Top Capital reached out to Highland Park Neighborhood again for more discussions.

Q. Will Azalea Neighbors will be included? A. Yes

C. If the Terrence will be imploded or torn down, this is a high visibility event and will be watched carefully to insure that the neighbors will be safe.

C. Some neighbors do like the plans for Colgate Divinity; there are split opinions.

Q. Who can dictate the design? A. City Council can override developers’ plans, and local neighbors can influence decisions. Meetings will be open to the public and community involvement will be pursued.

C. Another comment in favor of Divinity school staying / “We would be losing an asset.”


  1. Continuation of Roc 4.0 (Comprehensive Plan Update) Discussion  

2009 plan handed out and examined.

Economic Development:

Barb Zinker gave feedback on land use and development –  encourage businesses to be proactive in business appeal, especially street/sidewalk maintenance, such as plowed sidewalks in the winter. Ask for help from the City for enforcement. Businesses should meet the needs of the neighborhoods to encourage urban villages.

Need more formal notification and solicitation of response of development proposals in a timely fashion.


Community organizing -increase participation or NBN6 and block clubs.  Inform and solicit residents’ input  in current issues, projects, and changes. Stability is improved by preserving the core of the neighborhoods- owner occupied residential neighborhoods.  This needs to be improved in the face of increased short-term undergrad student rentals.

Youth, Education and Community Centers:

There’s no communication from recreation.  Ask for a representative from R centers similar to what the library provides.

Green initiatives:

Educate residents on recycling. Questions on tree lawns and planting trees. Example of lack of communication- RGE cutting trees. Add implementation / engage developers on landscaping plans.  Site plan approval is not necessarily open to the public unless developers are asked to present.  “Promote green initiative by developers”


NBN6 facilitators would appreciate any additional feedback so as to incorporate it before the next meeting in June.


  1. Community Sharing
  • Erin Clark from Highland Library said she is willing to meet with community members to discuss any suggestions for library activities and programs. Library book sale is in June.
    • Is community room   open yet.
    • MOU still being discussed.
  • South Wedge Farmers Market opens June 7 and runs through October
  • Highland Park garage sale will be June 3.
  • Rose O’Keefe is giving a History talk at the Ellwanger B & B / an armchair tour of Mt Hope Cemetery next Tuesday.
  • Calvary ST Andrews Church was approved by the Preservation Board as a City of Rochester Landmark. Also must be approved by the Planning Commission.
  • The Gatehouse is open at the Reservoir.

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