Sept 18 2017 Meeting Notes

NBN6 Meeting Notes 

September 18, 2017

Discussion notes are “coded” in the following way:

Q = Question

A = Answer

C = Comment

R = Response




  1. Introductions



  1. Crime Prevention Reports


Genesee Section (Upper Mt. Hope, Lilac/Azalea):


  • Car larcenies are down
  • Still monitoring panhandlers on Mt. Hope and encouraging people to call 911 when they spot someone panhandling; we will go out and attempt to locate them, are now asking if that individual is associated with an organization, and are keeping documentation on it so we can track it


Assemblyman Bronson added that there’s been a lot of work and communication between the Mayor, RPD and Dept of Corrections in the wake of Char’s murder on South Ave.


Q:  I’ve seen extra traffic enforcement officers on Exchange Blvd.; any chance for getting some more on Mt. Hope?

A: I can put that request in.


Central Section (South Wedge):


  • Arrest made in car larceny attempt on Sanford St.
  • Using scout cars to catch car larcenies


Goodman Section (Highland Park, Swillburg):


  • Also using scout cars, but no one has taken the bait
  • Car larcenies are also down; 8 larcenies with 5 involving unlocked cars
  • 3 burglaries in the area; reminder not to leave car keys and valuables in plain sight inside your home!


Q: Is there a map online where you can see where the crimes are taking place?

A: That’s available within the dept, but not available to the public, but feel free to call the section office and we can put together reports and information for you.


Information provided following the meeting:

For Crime Reports:

For Motor Vehicle Accident Stats:

Some of these sites will have dated data, but updates are ongoing.  Also, some of the data may be inaccurate as it is recorded and should be verified with the reporting agency for confirmation. If there are other concerns, as always our services are yours.

Garth Mitchell

Crime Prevention Officer

Rochester, NY  Police Department

Goodman Section NSC

320 N. Goodman Street Suite 209

Rochester, NY 14607

585-428-6572 (office) 585-428-7641 (fax)


Q: Corner of Gold St. & Mt. Hope; where would I find out about the crash history of the intersection?

A:  NYS DOT keeps that information. I can look into it and forward what I find to NBN6 leadership.


General reminder that we need people to come forward and report what you see, that’s the only way we will continue to reduce car larcenies and other crimes.



  1. Sector 6 Development Project Updates – Judy Hay, NBN6 Leadership Team


Gold Street:

Worked with Upper Mt. Hope, adjacent neighbors on zoning Gold Street apartments. Duncan Frame, the developer sent in revised plan to zoning for approval. The Director of Zoning deemed the proposal to have significant changes to the original and asked them to submit new plans. They contested and the issue went before the Zoning Board in September.

What they changed about the plan:

  • Expand indoor parking from 7 spaces to 24
  • Reduce first floor retail space from 3,160 sq ft to 2200
  • Eliminate 9 spaces in ancillary parking lot
  • 100 students to 92

Sept 20 meeting Zoning Board to make decision on supporting the Director of Zoning decision asking the developer to submit new plans.

Colgate Rochester Divinity School:

An application was filed by Marie Via and Chris Brandt to designate the entire Colgate Rochester Campus as a City landmark.

Both CRCDS and Top Capital had reservation regarding the entire campus due to the proposed new construction of a building on the Northern portion to house the Divinity School. The previous proposal to locate the new building for CRCDS was to be on Highland Avenue. After neighbors objected Top Capital proposed the new building on the Northern part of the campus where two older 1960’s buildings Andrews and Saunders Hall presently reside.

At a July meeting of the Preservation Board and Planning Commission we asked for more time to work out a compromise on the proposed designation of the entire campus.

CRCDS, the Landmark Society, Marie Via, Chris Brandt and neighborhood reps from NBN6, Azalea and HPNA met and came to agreement.

The northern portion would be exempt from the Landmark designation, the remainder campus including chapel would be granted Landmark status-approved by both the Planning Commission and the Preservation Board. A win-win for everyone!

151 Mt. Hope (property adjacent to the public land / SW Farmers Market):

Less than 2 acres, City sought public input as did the South Wedge Planning Committee. Here’s what neighbors wanted:

  • Increase residential and business populations to enhance Mt. Hope Corridor and waterfront
  • Explore waterfront active passive uses for waterfront for Erie Harbor
  • Develop destination and tourism oriented infrastructure and facilities for residents and visitors
  • Enhance public amenities active and passive to promote desirable gathering places and healthy lifestyles
  • Increase public art and creative design
  • Enhance public access to the river and waterfront
  • Increased water based programming

Based on community input the City is stepping back to look at how the Water and riverfront from Court street to Ford street can meet the needs of the community

They are asking for pictures and creative ideas that the land and waterfront can be used. Send pictures to Rick Rynski in city planning at

Q: Have we seen the results of Bill Johnson’s firm on 151 Mt. Hope Ave.?

A: We were told that information will not be made public.

Terrance Project on Elmwood Ave:

The Planned Development District was presented to the City Planning Commission by Morgan Development on July 10. Several community people spoke regarding both the Planned Development District and the desire by some community people to have the traffic light at Azalea moved to Goodman Street. Passed by PC and sent to City Council. Both bodies approved the PDD without moving the traffic light.


Karges Place parcels at South Goodman:

Proposed 100 units market rate rental housing by Mark IV Enterprises on the parcel adjacent to 490. Site plan has been submitted to zoning, under review.

Betlem Heating & Cooling bought the ½ acre parcel across Karges Pl. Will close on the property Sept 24 and intend to make it a landscaped parking lot.


  1. State Senate Assemblyman Harry Bronson


As someone who lives right across the street from that open green lawn space, thank you for your work on the Colgate project!


Some recent priorities and initiatives I’ve been working on in the Assembly:

  • Have increased education funding and after school funding
  • I’ve been hearing loud and clear from my constituents that they’re concerned about the speed of traffic; that’s why I’m introducing legislation in the State Assembly, co-sponsored by Joe Robach in the State Senate, that will give the City authorization to reduce the speed limit to 25 miles per hour anywhere in the City.
  • Working on legislation that would take “low performing” schools and convert them into a community based school that is networked with all the area social services
  • Through the skills development & career education committee and Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative, we’re increasing access to job training; launching a $50M program that encourages employers to establish apprenticeship programs and incentivizes employers to also offer mentorship services
  • Trying to address the opioid epidemic through medical providers identifying abuse of prescription pain meds, limits on how much doctors can prescribe, prescribed coverage of rehab services, and other efforts


Q: Do you have support from City administration on the speed limit legislation…in other words, would the City actually act to reduce the speed limit?

A: We’re in conversation with the City now about supporting the effort. City Council needs to pass a home rule legislation first before we can pass this legislation, so we need to work together.


Q: Traffic speed issues around development projects…can you help us navigate the different jurisdictions involved?

A: Yes, we can request those reports; may take a little time but we can do it. Contact my office with those requests.


C: The $50M that’s being made available to train people is great, but what about the basic education needs (reading, writing, arithmetic) when our schools are failing? That should be first and foremost priority.

R: Were trying to link the education system to the job training programs, so having students maybe start the apprenticeship program while they’re in school. The funding also requires that there’s an educational component to the trade training.



  1. Highland Park Conservancy Strategic Plan – Julie Everitt & JoAnn Beck


  • Organization has been in existence since 1994
  • All volunteer effort led by 12 Board members
  • Have been increasing the number and variety of our programs
  • Developing a strategic plan and would love to get community feedback
  • Our vision: Share the authentic story of Highland Park to inspire and assure its preservation as the signature public space in Rochester for the enjoyment of ALL
  • Highlights of the Plan:
    • Advocate for a vibrant and sustainable Highland Park.
      • Renew a 3 year 2017-2020 Agreement with the County
      • Monitor and evaluate activities that impact the Park
      • Partner with County to create 10 yr capital plan & budget
      • Submit application for National Register of Historic Places
      • Create workforce development program to assist in maintenance & beautification of the Park
    • Engage the public with Highland Park:
      • Enhance interpretive materials
      • Increase Park visitor experience
      • Hold public special events
      • Produce video on Park’s history
    • Ensure reconstruction of the Children’s Pavilion by 2022
    • Enghance Conservancy’s organizational capacity


Q: Impact of Lilac Festival on Highland Park…where does that fit?

A: We have no involvement in the planning of the Lilac Festival but are always interested in providing support to residents around quality of life issues


C: I love everything you do but disagree with making Children’s Pavilion a central initiative

A: We believe the Pavilion is a rich part of the Park’s history, and believe it will provide the panoramic view and community programming that invites people into the park



  1. Neighborhood Service Center Reports – Nancy Johns-Price (SE) & John McMahon (SW)  


Neighborhood & Business Development Open House next Wed 9/27 @ 5:30pm. Click here to view event flyer.


Q: What’s the format?

A: It will be informal – you can just go from table to table and meet the NBD staff


Now that students have returned, we’re seeing annual uptick of violations related to their presence (i.e. front yard parking, toters left out). We’d like to nip these in the bud. If they occur, please submit a complaint online here or contact the appropriate NSC office administrator ( or so we can track them.



  1. Comprehensive Plan (Roc 4.0) Update – Dorraine Kirkmire, Manager of Planning, City of Rochester


  • Have served in the City Hall for 30 years, including 17 years in the zoning office, but new to this position
  • 2010 Report recommendation was to create more focus on comprehensive planning in City Hall, need for more staff and focus
  • We are building a new planning office and it will take time
  • Believe we need a comprehensive plan that is directive and implementable; “community-embraced” plan that is guided by community development goals
  • “Roc 4.0” was not seeming to really engage the community in a meaningful way; we’re going to re-brand and re-boot the “Plan 4.0” process; that work will not be lost, but it will be rolled into a re-boot
  • Don’t believe planning at the quadrant level is effective; we intend to plan at a neighborhood level; commit to getting around to all the neighborhood associations and getting input directly from them
  • Will be employing MetroQuest software and going out to the community with tablets, and will debut a community survey at the NBD Open House on the 27th
  • Creating a database and interactive map that we will maintain of all the development projects happening across the whole city
  • Creating an clearing house of all the community plans that exist in one location online; will cover the last 10 years of plans


Q: Are you working with the Community Design Center?

A: Yes, we have all the plans they’ve developed with different neighborhoods


Q: We have so many absentee landlords and rental housing…how do you get their input?

A: We will work to get to the organizations that represent tenants


Q: How can you get people to be involved proactively and not reactively? Maybe use projects that are happening in the area to attract people to the neighborhood meetings and get them engaged

A: Great idea. And that’s the point of the comprehensive plan is to get more proactive



  1. Community Sharing


Visit Frederick Douglass Library webpage for all the programs and events happening this month.


There will be a celebration of Landmark Designation of the Calvary St. Andrew’s church building on Oct 15 from 2-4pm. All are welcome!





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