Jan 8 2018 Meeting Notes

NBN6 Meeting Notes 

January 8, 2018


Discussion notes are “coded” in the following way:

Q = Question

A = Answer

C = Comment

R = Response


  1. Introductions


  1. Crime Prevention Reports

Captain McMullin reported that UR petitioned the State and was awarded jurisdiction for their Peace Officers on roadways adjacent to their properties. They can now patrol and enforce on Elmwood from bridge eastward to Mt. Hope. UR will be working closely with RPD to make the transition and it will be a slow introduction. It will be 6 mo. to a year before it’s fully implemented. The Safety Chief at UR is happy to come talk to this group, maybe next month.

Q: What kind of training do UR Peace Officers have?

A: They have about 60% of the training that RPD officers do, but those who are armed have the basic training of RPD officers.

Q: Do they have jurisdiction in addition to RPD or instead of RPD?

A: In addition to. They will get involved in lower level, non-violent crimes. RPD will continue to handle any violent or serious crimes in the area.

Q: What about drugs and other crimes on campus?

A: We don’t do any operations on campus unless we receive a service call. Their campus police handle a lot of what happens on campus.

Genesee Section (Upper Mt. Hope, Lilac/Azalea):

  • One burglary on Green Knolls Dr. due to unlocked front door of an apartment building.
  • Only one theft of motor vehicle reported.

Central Section (South Wedge):

  • Robbery/burglary occurred at 7pm on Alexander St. when man answered the door; he was assaulted and his apartment robbed; possible that the victim was targeted
  • Suspect caught stealing packages on Cypress St. thanks to an observant neighbor
  • 5 vehicle larcenies, 2 involving unlocked cars

Goodman Section (Highland Park, Swillburg, Lilac/Azalea):

  • One robbery on 100 block of Manor Parkway involving a dispute between two tenants
  • One commercial burglary attempt on South Ave.
  • One car break-in involving a garage door opener left in the car (Tip: don’t leave your garage opener in your car)

Nate Cornell has been newly promoted to command officer on 3-11pm shift in the Goodman section.


  1. New Ownership of Boulder Coffee on Alexander – Michelle Singh

Michelle, who has Rochester roots, and her husband purchased the shop 6 months ago. They re-branded the shop “Boulder Coffee Roasting Company.” They are roasting the coffee in the roaster they purchased at Boulder at the public market.

The business meets their personal goals to be home more with the kids, and their interest in being part of the vibrant South Wedge community. They’re interested in inviting the community in and promoting diversity & education. They are open to any organizations that are looking for a wall, a stage, or a venue to share their message or cause.

They have open mic nights on Wednesdays 7:30-10pm. They’ll have rotating art shows that feature community issues.

They’re going toward fair trade & organic coffee, as well as local and organic food sources.

Feel free to contact Michelle at bouldercoffeeroaster@gmail.com. Visit the website at https://www.bouldercoffeeroaster.com/.


  1. New Drug Treatment Clinic Opening on S. Clinton Ave. – Christopher Taylor, Conifer Park

Conifer Park is relocating its outpatient drug treatment clinic from University Ave. to 556 S. Clinton Ave. The official opening will be at 8am on January 15.

Clinic hours of operation will be:

Mon – Thurs:  8am – 7:30pm

Friday: 8am – 5pm

Saturday:  8:30am-12:30pm

The clinic entrance will be on the Alexander side. Conifer will have fencing installed between their property and ABVI’s property.

There will be 10 clinicians and 15 staff members on site. The clinic has a client base of 275 people, whose visits are spread out throughout the day and week.

They’ve hired a new security company for the location that will be during the hours of operation. Conifer has a strong desire to good neighbors and coaches their clients to act appropriately and respectfully in the neighborhood.

Click here to read more about the services that will be offered at Conifer Park.

Q: Will there be video surveillance of the property?

A: Yes, although it may not be operational right away since we’ve had some delays with getting the equipment.

Q: Will you have cigarette butt receptacles outside?

A: We will need to decide where/whether we have them; we don’t want to encourage our clients to smoke, but at the same time we don’t want the litter. There are already a bunch of smokers hanging out there now who are not our clients, so we’ll also have to figure out where they’re going to go as well.

Q: How did you resolve the parking?

A: We’re renting parking on the corner of Broadway & Alexander for our staff and clients and don’t believe there will be much if any overflow.

Q: Can you talk about your intentions around the methadone medication?

A: We don’t currently offer it, but would like to add a methadone program in the future as a powerful medication for people struggling with opioid addiction.

Q: Do people drive or take the bus?

A: Both, 9am-1pm is the heavy time for our clients using the bus

Q: What about interaction with students at School Without Walls (and Monroe when it re-opens)?

A: We’ll need to look at how we manage that bus stop on the corner of S. Clinton & Alexander where there’s a large number of students getting on the bus. We’ve already reached out to the RCSD about having the bus stop changed, but haven’t heard back. The principal is also working with us to coach the kids to stay on the sidewalk and act responsibly.

Q: What’s your success rate?

A: It used to be 20% but the opioid epidemic, we’re seeing even lower numbers unfortunately.

Q: Do you require sobriety or do you continue serving clients that are actively using?

A: Yes, we have clients actively using. It’s a process and people are at different points in their recovery.

Q: Do you do street outreach?

A: No, we seek referrals from institutions (e.g. drug court).

Q: What is your safety track record? Have there been any incidents with clients?

A: We’ve had no complaints or police calls in the area around our University Ave. location (where we’re moving from)

C: Tucked away on University Avenue is a very different location than a major thoroughfare like S. Clinton where there’s lots of activity going on.


Calls or questions, please contact Chris at ctaylor@libertymgt.com or 442-8422 / 705-6001.


  1. Neighborhood Service Center Reports – Nancy Johns-Price (SE) & John McMahon (SW)

RGE reports that the final work on Mt. Hope Ave. will be finished this week. They will put down temporary pavement to get us through the winter months. In the spring, they will start work again to put in the permanent pavement, but hoping it will not be as intrusive as this phase has been. They appreciate everyone’s patience.

C: Reminder that the Project Manager promised we could call to report any follow-up damage that needs to be fixed, such as sidewalks or curbing (Contact: Jim McIntosh, City of Rochester, jim.mcintosh@cityofrochester.gov, 428-6828)

C: South Ave. is such a mess from rerouting of all the arterial traffic to it for so long that it probably also will need to be re-paved all the way up to St. John’s Home

At the planning commission meeting tonight, an amendment on entertainment is on the docket changing what is permissible in newly defined categories of entertainment. The gist of it is that it loosens the permit requirements for low level entertainment inside restaurants and bars. Don’t believe this will have an impact on quality of life and noise levels that will be audible or noticeable change for neighbors. Those places still have to abide by the 10pm rule on outdoor patios, for example.

David Hawkes has retired and the new Southwest Administrator is James Demps. He’s a 30 year City employee (in code enforcement and other areas) and an active city resident in the 19th Ward. He couldn’t make it tonight but he’ll come introduce himself to this group soon.

There are also new Administrators — Carlos Torres is in the Northeast and Tammy Herron is in the Northwest.

Q: What’s the status of the Terrence building safety issues?

A: The inspector from the Southwest NSC office was there recently and we will continue to monitor it. The building is now secure. In the spring, we will make it a priority to cut the grass. Let us know if you see anything suspicious or troubling.


  1. Community Sharing

Visit Frederick Douglass Library webpage for all the programs and events happening this month.

The Azalea neighborhood assisted the church and an Eagle Scout to collect coats and donate them to the House of Mercy. We felt good about teaming up to help serve the homeless.


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