Feb 12 2018 Meeting Notes

  1. Introductions



  1. Crime Prevention Reports


Genesee Section (Upper Mt. Hope, Lilac/Azalea):


  • No major incidents in the area; it was a very low crime month
  • One motor vehicle theft on Mt. Hope Ave. involving an unlocked car left running in the driveway
  • No car larcenies reported which is unusual


Goodman Section (Highland Park, Swillburg, Lilac/Azalea):


  • No serious incidents in the area
  • Still seeing a good number of car larcenies in the Highland Park area
  • Big crowd is expected for RIT’s Big Shot event this Wed @ 6:30 in Highland Bowl


Q: Can you give us an update on how the person died that was found deceased in Highland Park?

A: No, we don’t have the findings from the coroner. When we do, I will be sure to send it to NBN6 so they can let the community know. I can tell you there was no evidence of obvious trauma.


Central Section (South Wedge):


  • Commercial burglary on Mt. Hope Ave.
  • Vehicle larceny involving an unlocked car
  • Assault on 200 block of Gregory St. involving church minister trying to resolve a confrontation
  • House burglary on Cypress St.
  • Stolen vehicle on Mt. Hope Ave.
  • Altercation involving romantically involved parties


Q: A couple weeks ago, something happened around Nicholson St. that sounded was a big big loud explosion, and there was fire truck outside of German House. It was reported at length on social media and by neighbors.

A: I didn’t hear anything about that so if nothing was found, RPD may not have been involved. I can look into it and let you know.



  1. John Betlem Heating & Cooling’s Plans for Parking Lot – Jim Lytle

The family business has a long history in Rochester and remains owned and operated by the family, spanning 5 generations.


The business moved into the neighborhood in 1948. Decisions to expand where we are rather than move have been made several times with the support of the neighborhood. We’ve acquired property around the business and improved the value of the properties and the area.


We jumped at the chance to purchase the parcel north of the business (toward the 490 expressway) and were successful in outbidding many interested parties.  We closed on the property two months ago.


The business continues to grow and providing parking for our 50 employees and all the people we’re training to become employees, is essential. We also have a fleet of vehicles for the business as well as residents in our rental properties that require parking.


Plan is to create an aesthetically and visually pleasing parking lot that will accommodate 30 more vehicles. We will surround it with gardens, trees, perennials & grass.


It was recently determined that building anything requiring a foundation is prohibited due to the easements deep underground, so the surface lot is all this parcel will be good for.


The next step is applying to the City for a variance to the Zoning Board this spring so we can meet the codes necessary to build the surface parking lot. We’re hoping that it will be built by the end of the summer.



C: Please let us know the date so we can go support you at the Zoning Board meeting.

R: We will let NBN6 know so it can be included in the e-news.


Q: How will the Karges Place development affect anything?

A: The width of the streets is not going to change and Karges will remain one way, so we’ll see how the new residential traffic moves through.


Q: Where will the entrance going to be?

A: It will only be from our existing parking lot, so there won’t be a public entrance to it.


Q: Will you make sure employees won’t jump the curb onto Goodman St?

A: We will do our best to prevent that, and we’ll see if we can work something into the design (e.g. shrubbery) to help prevent that.



  1. Conversation with Neighborhood Service Center Leadership:

            Daisy Rivera Algarin (Director, Neighborhood Service Centers)
James Demps (New Administrator, Southwest NSC)
John McMahon (Asst. Administrator, Southwest NSC)
Nancy Johns-Price (Administrator, Southeast NSC)

Daisy Rivera Algarin has been a city employee for 18 years and been in the position overseeing the NSCs for about one year. She can be reached at daisy.algarin@cityofrochester.gov / 428-7711.


James Demps has been a city employee for 34 years and is new to the role of Administrator. He can be reached at james.demps@cityofrochester.gov / 428-7630.


Q: Sector 6 has been split up into 3 different sections. Have you had any experience with the challenge that it has created for citizens?

A: Whenever we get calls that we try to sort out any confusion and send people in the right direction.


Q: Regarding the Mt. Hope Ave. / Erie Harbor Phase II and the parcel at 151 Mt. Hope that fronts the river, which is an important piece of land in the community.  We have been involved through the Long Range Waterfront Revitalization Plan, for which Paul Minor has been our representative, and about which we have attended many community meetings.  Have you had a chance to look at that? How can we as neighbors have input into what happens there?

A: A Project Advisory Committee (PAC) has been meeting on the Erie Harbor Enhancement phase 2 public park (north and south). Stantec and Highland Planning have presented the project to the PAC. The PAC discussed 151 Mt. Hope adjacent to the public park. Feedback pertaining to the park (Erie Harbor Enhancement Phase II) project will be used, along with other ongoing public engagement. (John McMahon): I attended a meeting on January 30th and noticed that there were few people from the neighborhood. I brought that up to Jeff Mrozsak, who is responsible for that project, and I will follow up with him.  We will make sure you have a representative on that steering committee.

Q: (Directed to James Demps) Will you be able to attend our monthly meetings?

A: Yes.


Q: Will Mt. Hope be resurfaced?

A: It will be done in the spring after all the work is complete.


Q: What are the critical issues that you see needing to be addressed and what are some of your strategies?

A: Improving communication is important, and being consistent in what we put out. We need to communicate to citizens which section they are in (I myself was surprised to find out I’m in a different section than I thought I was).



NSC Announcements:


There is a Recruiting on the Road event on Wed Feb 14, 1-3pm at Togetherness In Love Community (1443 E. Main St.).


Dorraine Kirkmyer, who is leading the City’s Comprehensive Plan update, would like to get around to all the neighborhood groups to present. Please let Nancy know if you’d like to arrange for her to come to your group. You can send her an email at nancy.johns-price@cityofrochester.gov.



  1. New Ownership of Cinema Theatre – Audrey Kramer & Alex Chernavsky

We’re thrilled to be taking over the Cinema Theater, the oldest movie theatre in Rochester, which was built and been in continuous operation since 1914. Our interest in The Cinema and love for it dates back a long time and includes being married there many years ago.


We’re grateful to the previous owner, John Trickey, who made some necessary investments, like a digital projector and a new roof.


Challenges remain. The movie industry is in a slow decline. We want to return the theatre to profitability and make it sustainable, and must do so without the benefit of deep pockets. We have a limited amount of time for the turnaround. Funds are also needed for repairs like the neon sign, broken seats & new AC units.


We’ll continue the tradition of having theatre cats and will have special events involving animal rescue groups. We’re going to sell vegan, local baked goods.

We’re going to try to expand advertising and special events as additional sources of income, and we’re bartering with local businesses by offering advertising for services/products we need.


We plan to do lots of special events to draw people in. Midnight movies, themed weekends, local film festivals & comedy nights are all in the plans.


Ideas offered:

-Become a Fringe Festival venue

-Phillip Seymour Hoffman movie special


  1. Community Sharing


There will be two special Frederick Douglass re-enactments events this week at the Frederick Douglass library on Wed @ 3:30 and Friday @ 3:30. This will be the first time we’ll be using the new shared space with School #12 (finally!). Visit Frederick Douglass Library webpage for all the programs and events happening this month.


The Zoning Board will be reviewing the revised proposal of Gold St. development on February 22. See the February 9 edition of the NBN6 enews for details, or search for the hearing information at www.cityofrochester.gov.


On Feb 25 @ 2pm, Rose O’Keefe will be presenting at Calvary St. Andrews on Mt. Hope Cemetary notables of the 19th century.


SEAC has a new office on the corner of Alexander & Park in a shared space with Sinful Sweets


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