Oct 1 2018 Meeting Notes

NBN6 Meeting Notes 

October 1, 2018

Facilitators:  Rev. Judy Lee Hay

Refreshments:  Highland Park Neighborhood Association


Discussion notes are “coded” in the following way:

Q = Question

A = Answer

C = Comment

R = Response



  1. Introductions



  1. Crime Prevention Reports


Genesee Section (Upper Mt. Hope, Lilac/Azalea, South Wedge):


Crime in the last 30 days:

  • Robbery of employees of the business at 921 South Ave.
  • 3 bikes stolen that were locked onto poles; locks were cut so be advised


Goodman Section (Highland Park, Swillburg, Lilac/Azalea, South Wedge):


Crime in last 30 days:

  • Street robbery on 9/30 at 425 Linden St. near Mt. Vernon @ 3:30pm; man approached from behind by 2 suspects who took his wallet; investigation on going, no arrests made


Q: Last year in the wake of the murder of the liquor store owner on South Ave., there was discussion of better communication between RPD and the parole board…has that happened?

A: Yes, the Chief initiated an effort to improve communication with the parole office and it is much better.


Central Section (South Wedge):


Crime in the last 30 days:

  • 3 vehicles broken into


General RPD Notes/Announcements:


Newly appointed Police Chief Mark Simmons. Happy to see this kind of citizen engagement and would like to see it in all areas of the city. Want to be as accessible as possible. Feel free to reach out and call my office at 428-7023.



  1. Al Sigl Community of Agencies Planned Development District – Tom O’Connor and representative from Marathon Engineering


Al Sigl is excited to unveil plans for a new autism center, an innovative model for services that doesn’t exist anywhere in this area. Over 12 different service providers are partnering to come under one roof to provide a comprehensive approach. The center will be named after benefactor Tom Golisano who has underwritten much of the project.


The spectrum of services will be for pre-school age to 21 years old, as well as lifelong services that are critical and urgently needed for people living with autism in our community. Everything about the design and the environment is being built with our clients’ needs in mind (e.g. sensory appropriate, quiet and protected outdoor spaces).


In tandem with the new building plans, we are developing a long-term Planned Development District for the campus. The plans will go before the planning commission on Oct 15, then it will go to City Council in November, and if approved, we would break ground immediately. Project completion is targeted for January 2020.


This is the first new building in over 25 years. It’s located on 7.5-8 acre piece of land that runs along South Ave & Science Parkway. The address is 1850-1900 South Ave. The building will be screened from South Ave. by landscaping and a natural land slope.


View a rendering of the site here, and the building here.


Click here to view their complete proposed PDD application.


C: Concern for safety of children, proximity to Romano House that has parolees living there which was a factor in the murder at the liquor store on South Ave.

R: We’re painfully aware of that tragedy, we will build in many security and supervision measures, every child will be greeted upon arrival. We also have to be concerned about elopement risk and the kind of tragedy that happened with Trevyon Rowe, so we are doing everything we can to design a safe environment.


Q: How many students will be served by the new center?

A: We have 6 classrooms planned with approx. 20 kids in each classroom


Keep an eye out for the PDD posted on the Planning Commission website as the Oct 15 date approaches.


  1. Highland Hospital Planned Development District (PDD) – Maureen Malone & Mike Zanghi

Click here to view the full presentation given by Highland Hospital Director of Public Relations Maureen Malone.


The PDD application (130 pgs) is posted on the Highland Hospital facilities page. Next step is for the PDD to go to the Planning Commission in December. A complete timeline of next steps after that is listed in the presentation.


The Hospital is looking to balance the needs of the neighborhood with the larger community by minimizing the negative impacts of our presence on the neighborhood, while still providing excellent healthcare that the community needs and demands.


The Hospital acknowledges that employee parking in the neighborhood is having a negative impact and therefore is establishing a Parking Committee to come up with solutions. Mike Thompson invited neighbors to join the new Parking Committee. If interested, get in touch with him at mthompson.hpna@gmail.com.


Neighbors interested in keeping close track of what’s happening can sign up to receive development updates on this facilities page.


Q: How much taller will the building addition be than the existing 5 story building?

A: We don’t know yet, we haven’t designed it yet. Depends on which building you’re comparing it to.


Q: Have you been working with RTS on the redesign of the bus system, and encouraging your employees to take public transportation as a strategy to relieve parking pressure on the neighborhood?

A (given by Colleen McCarthy of UR): University wide, we’re very involved with the Reimagine RTS process, although primarily related to main campus. We can consider Highland Hospital as part of those conversations as well.


C: It appears the PDD would allow for up to 11 stories to be built if it went as high as the smokestack. Concerns me about future potential growth.

R: We don’t know what the future is going to bring and today that’s not financially feasible, but this is a 20 year document, so we felt we needed to leave room for growth in the PDD. Trying to maximize density and assume we would make buildings taller to prevent the need to expand into the neighborhood.


  1. Neighbors should also take note that of the heights proposed for future development at the corner of Rockingham and Mt. Vernon is a maximum of 5 stories, and 7 stories at the corner of South Avenue and Rockingham.


Q: Why are you asking for residential use on the 7 story building in the PDD?

A: In the City Zoning Code for a PDD, you have to include every possible use even if you’re not planning to do that. There are other ancillary uses to a healthcare facility (e.g. cafeteria) and you have to be very broad in the PDD.


Q: Will the new expansion of the South building, including the prposed in-fill building, preclude demolishing the south building on Mt. Vernon?

A: Yes, we decided to build that on top of the new addition rather than demolish the building on Mt. Vernon.


Q: Since you said that the height of stories has changed, is it possible that the 7 story building could be taller than the East & West 7 story buildings?

A: We don’t know yet, we still haven’t designed it. The exact height will be part of the design process.


Q: Will there be new hospital beds added? Trying to understand why there need to be so many stories. It’s an excessive height for that space.

A: New patient care floors are taller because of the new technology & equipment that are in the ceilings.


Q: Does the PDD prohibit a pitched roof?

A: No, but we wouldn’t use one anyway since it’s not economical.


Q: Do you give any consideration that the growth of the Hospital in this location might be finite?

A: Our strategic plans only go out about 5 years because the market changes so much during that time period. But at this point, we feel the facility as it is will meet our needs.



  1. Neighborhood Service Center Reports – Nancy Johns-Price (SE) & John McMahon (SW)

Please attend the meeting this Wed (10/3), 5:45-7:45pm at the Ryan R-Center on Webster Ave, to learn about plans for a new location for the Goodman police section headquarters and Southeast Neighborhood Service Center, and have a chance to give input.


DES will be here next meeting to talk about leaf & snow removal.


The new nuisance abatement points system is back in effect after City Council legislation was passed. We can discuss more next month.


We apologize to the Swillburg Neighborhood Association for not providing supplies for their two mini sweeps. We are working to improve our system.


Reminder that election signs cannot go in the right of way (between the sidewalk & the street). They must be placed in your yard.



  1. Community Sharing


Visit Frederick Douglass Library webpage for details about this program and all the programs and events happening this month at our neighborhood library.


Rose O’Keefe will be giving a presentation on “19th Century Notables in Mt. Hope Cemetery” on Sat Oct 20, 11am-12pm in the Kate Gleason Auditorium at the Central Library.



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