Nov 5 2018 Meeting Notes

NBN6 Meeting Notes 

November 5, 2018


Facilitator:  Judy Lee Hay

Refreshments:  John Betlem Heating & Cooling




Discussion notes are “coded” in the following way:


Q = Question

A = Answer

C = Comment

R = Response





  1. Introductions



  1. Crime Prevention Reports


Genesee Section (Upper Mt. Hope, Lilac/Azalea, South Wedge):


Crime in last 30 days:

  • 2 car larcenies, both unlocked vehicles
  • Several other small larcenies


Follow up from previous meetings:

  • Continued Mt. Hope traffic enforcement; there was 4 hours of radar on 11/3/18 from 7-11pm; top speed of 52 mph; average speed 35 mph
  • Arming of UR Peace officers is continuing to move forward; look out for public meeting flyers soon; the university is looking to get community input


As a department, we’re reaching out to the Jewish community to see how we can assist them.


Q: Is there a policy on use of force by UR peace officers off campus?

A: Yes, RPD would investigate the incident/crime as if it were one of our own officers


Q: How does Highland Hospital play into the arming of peace officers?

A: I don’t believe they have any peace officers located on the Highland Hospital campus





Goodman Section (Highland Park, Swillburg, Lilac/Azalea, South Wedge):


Crime over last 30 days:

  • Car larcenies – continue to see a lot of unlocked cars
  • Crawford St. – purse left in plain view inside a home was stolen by someone who entered through an unlocked door


Q: Burglary at my home on November 3rd, hand gun was stolen, the house wasn’t cleared, and response time was 2 hours

A: We’re not happy with that response time and apologize on behalf of the department; there may be a legitimate reason but can’t answer to that specific case; sounds like it should have been a priority and it wasn’t (officer from Goodman section will follow up with gentleman after the meeting)


Central Section (South Wedge):


Crime over last 30 days:

  • Handful of car larcenies, one involving a purse left in a car


Follow up from previous meetings:

  • Complaints about danger of Ford St. & Mt. Hope intersection; have added a traffic detail; issued 6 traffic citations in last 3 days
  • Suspect responsible for rash of car larcenies who had been arrested 11 times without holding is now in custody, so he’s out of business again for the time being


Reminder to be smart about package deliveries during the upcoming holiday season. If you can’t be home, get a neighbor to sign for it, have it delivered to UPS, use a FedEx locker, have it sent to work, etc. Unattended packages on porches are prime targets.



  1. John Betlem Heating & Cooling Parking Lot on S. Goodman – Jim Lytle


John Betlem purchased the parcel of land adjacent to the business for the purpose of much needed expansion of parking for employees and area tenants. Have submitted a rendering to the City’s planning department.


Intended use is perfect because there’s a lot of underground utility that would prevent a large building being developed on the property.


Click here to see rendering of the parking lot.


There will be electronic gates to control traffic in and out. The perimeter will be green and provide screening and a buffer from the street. We’re approaching businesses to see if there’s an opportunity for shared use in the evenings and there’s some interest.


Construction will begin a year or so from now. A temporary lot is in use now. We’re excited to have a new neighbor across the street. Mark IV Enterprises is building a new residential development. They are planning to use the parcel for office trailers during construction, and that temporary use has been approved by the City.


Q: Is the delay in building it because of the construction trailers?

A: No. It just happens to match our construction timeline.


Q: How many parking spaces?

A: Additional 38 spaces to add to the 22 already in place for total of 60 spaces.


Q: Can you describe the plan for the green perimeter?

A: We’ll be doing low maintenance perennials that are bright and colorful, substantial, trimmed, and visually appealing.


Q: Storage of non-passenger vehicles is forbidden in ancillary parking lots according to city code. How will you avoid that limitation?

A: We don’t expect to have excess vehicles by that description.


Quick update from Steve DiMarco from Mark IV on Karges Place development:


Just started brownfield clean-up and looking forward to pouring concrete over the winter. We’re on track for Feb/March 2020 for occupancy.


C: I noticed a change to the design from the original proposal

R: Yes, we made a small adjustment in the 1 & 2 bedroom ratio


  1. Highland Park Reservoir Project – Michael Hershelman (City of Rochester Water Bureau) & Kimberly Baptiste (Bergmann Associates)

    Highland Park reservoir has been in operation for more than 100 years. In 2006, the EPA passed the “Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule, referred to as “LT2”. It decreed that all uncovered reservoirs that are sources of water need to be covered or treated for the microorganism cryptospodidium.


In 2009, a leak was discovered in the Highland Park reservoir and a major investment had to be made to put in a plastic liner to stop the leak. As a result, the City Water Bureau gained a 10 year extension on complying with LT2.


The expiration date on that extension is coming up in 2023 to comply with LT2.

Bergmann Associates has been hired by the Water Bureau to go through and develop a plan to move forward to meet requirements.


There are many different options and innovative solutions that other cities have implemented. There will be a series of public meetings to present multiple alternatives and get community input on which solution is most supported.


The first public meeting next Tues Nov 13 @ 7:00pm here in the Olmsted Lodge. Click here to view the event flyer. There will be several more public meetings in 2019.


Visit for more information about the project.


Q: How many other reservoirs are not in compliance with LT2?

A: We’re one of remaining few in the country that haven’t yet complied, and we’re definitely the last one outside of NYC.




  1. Leaf Pick-up & Snow Removal – Karen St. Aubin, City of Rochester (DES)


We’re in week 2 of loose leaf collection. We’re aware lots of leaves are still on the trees. When we’re done with the first round, we will start over again and go back for a second round (in the same order) for as long as mother nature lets us before the snow flies. See leaf pickup schedule in the At Your Service Guide on the City’s website.


Around the beginning of December, we change over to our snow operation.

  • Any snow accumulation – plow arterial roads
  • 3 inches – plow residential streets
  • 4 inches – plow sidewalks


A representative from Center for Disability Rights, Ericka Jones, spoke about the critical need for clear sidewalks for members of the disabled community who get around in wheelchairs. It takes only one inch of snow to get stuck. The disabled need businesses and residents to take responsibility for shoveling their walks, which is your responsibility as a property owner. Please help your disabled neighbors and take this responsibility seriously.


Keep an ear out for Parking Emergencies, which we use to clear certain streets when there is heavy snowfall so they are passable. PlowTrax is real-time info about what parts of the City the snow plows have covered.


See useful information and resources about the City’s snow removal program on the City’s website here and in this “What to Know When it Snows” brochure.


Q: Do you have any material that we can distribute to neighbors to remind them about their responsibility to clear sidewalks?

A: The City’s brochure (link above) is a good resource to pass on.


Q: Where do you put all the leaves?

A: We compost them over the winter and then put them into the give back program for plantings


Q: If you bag them, will they go in the garbage?

A: They will go in the trash. We can only compost them when they’re loose.


C: The sidewalk along the RiverWalk near Erie Harbor is never touched by a sidewalk plow, but it is heavily used by pedestrians to get downtown. We should be taking better care of it.

R: You’re right, it does not get plowed. I don’t believe the heavy equipment can go on that sidewalk, but I can look into it.


Q: Last year, we had a big problem with sidewalk plows leaving 3 feet tall piles of snow at the corners making them impassable. Besides calling 311 (tried), how can we get that addressed?

A: We’re aware of that problem and are making more of an effort to clear those handicap ramps. We have inspectors that are looking at the job our contractors are doing. But yes, 311 is the place to report it, and keep calling if it’s not resolved because it will get reported up the ladder if it receives a lot of calls.


Q: Where do you put all the snow?

A: We have surface lots where we haul it to and if we run out of room, we can dump it in the river, but we try not to do that.


Q: If we see at truck dumping snow in an unauthorized place by a contractor, should we report it?

A: Absolutely, report it to 311.



  1. New Nuisance Points Guidelines – Kelvin Knight, City of Rochester (SE NSC)


View presentation on the redesign of the City’s new Nuisance Abatement Point System.


You can look up a property’s nuisance points on the Property Information map on the City’s website.




  1. Community Sharing


Visit Frederick Douglass Library webpage for details about this program and all the programs and events happening this month at our neighborhood library.


Swillburg has its Annual meeting on Thursday





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