Dec 10 2018 Meeting Notes

NBN6 Meeting Notes
December 10, 2018

Facilitator:  Lisa Reagan
Refreshments:  South Wedge Planning Committee, Rev. Hay and Lisa Reagan


Discussion notes are “coded” in the following way:

Q = Question
A = Answer
C = Comment
R = Response


1. Introductions

2. Crime Prevention Reports

Genesee Section: Captain McMullen is retiring at the end of January. NBN6 thanked him for his support of our neighborhoods, and in his honor additional goodies were added to our refreshments. Captain McMullen staffed the patrol car with radar on Thanksgiving day on Mt. Hope regarding speed control. The detail will continue to monitor speed next month. The Chief of UR Security has no interest in patrolling other neighboring streets with his officers. They will only patrol the campus.

Officer Carl Dickerson reported:
2 thiefs: one 117 Redfern where a truck was left unlocked, a burglary at 87 Westmoreland
C: Mt. Hope is difficult to cross, cars aren’t stopping.
C: Suggest you push the button and wave your arms and make eye contact.
Q: Is it possible to get an activation signal at Reservoir and South Avenue?
A: Can look into it, but that is Goodman Section and it took jumping through a lot of hoops to get the one on Mt. Hope.
Q: Drivers have been seen parking on Meadow Brook Road for lengths of time which seems suspicious. Is there any way to check out the person to ensure no one is casing the street?
A: Call 311 and an officer will be sent to check.

Goodman Section: Lt. Frank Alberti
Robbery in 100 block Caroline Street Nov.. 24 at 10 p.m. Victim was walking down the street, man came behind who seemed to have a fake gun wanted money. Oddly, the man backed away and across the street, and no money was given. Police could not find the man.

Central Section: Lt. Frank DiPrimo
287 Averill Ave a construction trailer was broken into and several tools were taken.
198 Sanford Street a package was stolen
Nov 21 at 500 South Ave a cabinet was stolen as apartments are being renovated
Dec 2 at 666 South Ave Lux Lounge a traffic cone was thrown through the window; man arrested
Reminder: People can now purchase lock boxes for packages delivered to their home.
Do not leave change in your vehicle because robbers are breaking windows to retrieve the change.
Q: The gates were recently left open at the RGE substation. No one was around. What’s the protocol?
A: RGE has it’s own security force, so call them, we would need to do the same.

3. C1 Zoning : Manager of Zoning Zina Lagonegro

CLICK HERE to view the slide presentation.

Overlay districts are placed or mapped over an exisiting zoning district. They are not individual zoning districts. There are three typtes:
Overlay Boutique-small scale bakery or nail salon
Overlay office Mapped over residential to provide office
Overlay Limited Height Restriction-limit a new structure in C-1 or R-3 to no more than 3 stories
(See power point presentation)
Q: The Comic Book Store was taken down for the Gold Street lofts why did this C1 height restriction not apply?
A: Zoning code is in effect the day the application is submitted. The Limited Height Overlay came after the submission.
Q: Did the Gold Street lofts generate the limited height restriction?
C: Several neighborhood leaders worked with Adam McFadden and Zoning to develop a limited height restriction for a portion of Mt. Hope to prevent other developers from encroaching on residential properties with buildings over 3 stories.
Neighborhoods are encouraged to look at properties along major thoroughfares to see if the limited Height Overlay would be beneficial for their neighborhood to prevent over development.
Q: How long does an overlay district last?
A: Until zoning is changed. R1 and C1 districts only have overlays.  ??? Not sure about this statement, since she said the height overlay applies to C-1 and R-3
Q: Can someone who doesn’t own a property request to have an overlay district zoned.
A: 50 percent of the owners of properties along the street frontage would have to agree.
Q: Can a whole neighborhood have an Overlay district?
A: Not usually because look for smaller pockets for an overlay district.  But a neighborhood can have a design district that sets design related criteria.
Q: Can the Upper Mt. Hope area use this provision?
A: No, that is a C-2 zoned area and has no height restriction.  There are areas where we want to concentrate development because of the investment in sewers and boulevarde capacities, etc.
Q: Are developers required to commit 1 percent of development costs for art work?
A: No Rochester does not have incentive zoning, that’s a conversation neighborhoods need to have with the developer.
Q: If a developer acquires several commercial properties and a residential unit, can the residential unit be used to expand the commercial parking requirements?
A:  That’s considered  ancillary parking and would be allowed by special permit.

4. HIGHLAND HOSPITAL Maureen Malone, Mike Zanghi, Rich Wagner

Highland Hospital submitted its Planned Development District proposal (PDD) in August to Zoning. Based on feedback from Zoning, neighbors and Highland Park Neighborhood Association, HH made some changes to the PDD. The revisions will be submitted in Jan/Feb to the City Planning Commission.
Feb to City Council

(See Highland Hospital Website of the presentation with the changes. We have not attempted to duplicate all information)

One application of the changes in PDD: brick can be added to the wall to screen the outdoor storage area from the street. In other places like the parking garage green screens can be applied.
The list of acceptable uses was changed to eliminate day care and K-12 per request from HPNA.
The changes include building height as 120 feet rather than stories. The lower two stories are higher than the remaining due to the size of the equipment in the operating rooms. 18 ft as  opposed to 14.
Q: You had described the PDD in floor terms, but we had questioned what height that would be including the mechanics stories.  How has this changed?
A:  120 ft would now include the mechanicals.

Q: How high is the smoke stack?
A: Not sure, but the 11 proposed stories will not be as tall as the smoke stack.
C: How can you even consider that # of stories?  11 stories is very, very high.

Q:  Can you exceed the height restrictions by 20 %?
A:  referred to Zina Lagonegro — I have concerns about that issue because there are provisions where there is no numerical limits set, so how could I give an opinion?  There are regulations being determined now, and any appeal would be to the City Planning Commission.  I am recommending that the they remove provisions on advisory opinions by Zoning.

Q: It appears that with the change in setback on South Ave the building will now be near the sidewalk and can build up to 100 ft.  This area currently has a bit of landscaping trees and this will be eliminating all green plantings that serve as a buffer and have additional massing on South Ave. and drainage issues. It is more urbanized in appearance and further loses its compatibility with the neighborhood.  Where is the green space?  Is there a height limit on South Ave?
A. We are trying to go vertical.  The setback will now be 5 ft. and is more in line with the Northern end of South Avenue.

5. Neighborhood Service Center Nancy Johns Price
The Nuisance Advisory Board has been formed and heard its first case. Already some changes are being made to the new nuisance program.
Carmen Jones was introduced from the South Avenue Recreation Center. She will be working with the F. Douglass Library, School 12 and the Rec Center on programs. The Recreational Guide outlines various activities
A summer employment training fro youth 14-18 has been established
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park is open for ice skating and Santa’s Village.

Community Announcements
SEAC Fundraiser on Park Avenue
Jan 25 Wedge Me In
May 3 City Love
New parking restrictions on Mulberry which has changed to 2 hour
Oakland is looking at the same restrictions
Mt. Vernon has 15 parking with flashers
New business Clickfit opened on South Clinton. It’s a new gym by McCann’s.


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