Jan 14 2019 Meeting Notes

NBN6 Meeting Notes

January 14, 2018

Facilitators:  Rev. Judy Hay

Refreshments:  Swillburg and Lisa Reagan


I.      Introductions

II. Crime Prevention Reports

·      CPT McMullen is retiring and going to Alabama. He introduced his replacement, CPT Mark Mura Genesee Section. NBN6 thanked Captain McMullen for his partnership and the multiple ways he has supported our neighborhoods. Captain Mura has been on the police force for 15 years. Concerns: Mt. Hope Avenue traffic speeds, difficulty in stopping those who speed since there is no room to pull over in many places, causing traffic backups. There are two electronic reminders not to speed. One is not working. Speed bumps were suggested but the City Engineer states there are limits on what they can do since this is a major arterial street and a State Highway.

·      Captain Dave Smith – Central Section – South Wedge: Nine incidents, half of them involving unlocked vehicles with valuables inside. Stolen items included I-Phones, construction material, electric guitar and a laptop computer. Highland Parkway question, “When do you call 911 vs 311?” Call 911 when you have seen a crime just happening, call 311 when you have knowledge of one where there is no i.d. of a suspect or current activity to follow-up.

·      Officer Garth Mitchell Goodman Section

A package was stolen on Linden Street. If you have packages being sent and aren’t home, you need a plan such as a lock box provided at places by FedEx or UPS. The definition of unlocked vehicle entry means entry without breaking.

There was an arrest on the Meigs Street overpass of a person breaking into vehicles as people called police.

III. Andy Rau – Mayor’s Office       Andreas.Rau@CityofRochester.Gov

·      The Public Library has courses about Affordable Care.

·      SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program) benefits are based on family income. People do not need to be on Public Assistance to qualify. Have people call him as it takes 4-6 weeks to process their application.

·      Mayor’s Coat Drive included coats for children, coats, hats, mittens, and scarves. People came to City Hall for distribution. The program included a visit with Santa and toys. Gently used clothing was cleaned free of charge. At City Hall, 500 were distributed and more sent to schools with needy students. The local shelter on Plymouth Avenue and St. Joseph’s House of Hospitality received hats, mittens and scarves.

·      Home Energy Emergency Assistance Program: Reminder of program availability. Does City have emergency funding to help people who will lose subsidies in the Rochester Housing Authority Shelter Plus program? No, it works with the County. The City has a Housing Specialist, Carol Wheeler. City money goes toward basics, including pensions.

·      Bill Brewer, resident, reminded people of the coming 01 February 2019 deadline for applying for the Enhanced STAR property tax relief program available to senior citizens age 65 or older who meet income and residence requirements. Residents must renew their application for 2019 but will be automatically renewed thereafter if NY State has access to their state income tax return.

IV. Rebecca Orton – University of Rochester Off Campus Housing

·      Rebecca coordinates Off Campus Housing for the University of Rochester. Her office provides assistance, education and support to members of the U of R community who are seeking housing or residing off campus. The office assists all U of R students, both graduate and undergraduate, in all schools of the university.

·      The office has a new website, Places4Students.com, that provides one stop shop for student rentals.

·      Rebecca is working to develop an educational plan for students moving off campus. This will discuss being a good neighbor, refuse collection etc..

·      A new program of Neighborhood Ambassadors will assist U of R students with their transition to off campus living. This program assigns successful off campus students to selected streets where U of R students choose to live, providing a point of contact for the student residents on their assigned streets.

·      The office’s Landlord Council works with local landlords, concerned with rental property codes and law.

·      Presentation to students on 04 February 2019.

·      Will have a presentation on emotional support animals (Riverview).

·      The office approves property to list, no more than 4 bedrooms.

V. Jessie Knoth – Executive Director – Southeast Area Coalition

·      Jessie is the new Executive Director of SEAC.

·      SEAC is moving to new headquarters at 630 East Avenue, first floor, across from the Rochester Museum and Science Center.

·      Projects include Playfinders, Playful Sidewalks, Playful Corridor – Playful Sidewalk and benches that connect the Strong Museum of Play to the Rochester Central Library. The City gives permits for these. Monroe Village Farmer’s Market will have a new new website. neighborhood promotion, 490 Farmer’s Market – a grant to support them, including a children’s garden.

·      Grants are available for neighborhoods and matching grants, if you have limited funds and need a match.

·      Project Share – heating fund, Veterans and low income who qualify if facing shut-off, can get up to $350.00 to delay termination.

·      Hiring part time community engagement person to work with Monroe Farmers Market, 490 Garden and neighborhood groups.

·      If you need a bookkeeper for a project, they lend out bookkeeper.

·      Fiduciary Support for neighborhood groups – Provides an approved charitable fund to receive donations for neighborhood fundraising. SEAC is the 501 C3 so it is a pass through for neighborhood groups.

VI.    Neighborhood Service Center Reports

John McMahon – referrals for overcrowded rooming houses.

·      16 January – C4-Play, 180 South Clinton Ave will address input on Skate Park on the river.

·      6 February – meet and greet 8:30-9:30 A.M. at College Town.

·      13 April – Celebrate City Living – morning at Sibley Square.

·      Wants to advertise comfort food places – free – (contact him).

    Nancy Johns Price

·      Draft sent to Mayor’s Office of 2034 City Comprehensive Plan.  After going through Senior Staff it will come back to neighborhoods for input.

·      Goodman Section is looking for a new site for their Police Station. They looked at 11 different locations for 2-1/2 years. The proposed new location is at 1200 East Main Street. They need room for administrative staff, 150 parking spaces for police vehicles and personal vehicles. The proposed project needs to take some homes in the area. There are concerns that owners and tenants did not receive enough information. One landlord just finished renovations. Another home has been in the same family for three generations. Other landlords say they could find other places for their renters. There is a Power-Point Presentation on this project. There is no Public Meeting on this yet. The proposal needs to get City Council approval for taking property.

·      Celebrating ROC: Neighbors apply at the beginning of March 2019 if you know of an outstanding volunteer. Recognition is on 3 June 2019.

·      Clean Sweep of the neighborhood on 11 May 2019.

VII.  Community Sharing

·      NBN6 needs a new Secretary to take meeting minutes.

·      NBN6 hopes to have developer, Angelo Ingrassia, come to the 11 February 2019 meeting to discuss new plans for the former Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School property on Goodman Street at Highland Avenue. His preliminary PDD has been submitted to the city.

·      Also future agenda for tNBN6 in February is the  U of R Master Plan report.

·      Highland Hospital has submitted it’s PDD to the City so it should go to the Planning Commission in February.

·      Nancy Johns Price announced that a staff person is leaving after 42 years of service.

·      Historic Calvary St. Andrews, 95 Averill AVE. and Ashland ST – 20 January 2019 – 2 P.M.: History of the Erie Canal – Bruce Schwendy, www.rocsaltcenter.org , parking at Postler & Jaeckle lot at South Ave. and Averill AVE.

·      What items do you want NBN6 to address? Email one of the leaders.

We ask neighborhood groups or individuals to sponsor the refreshments. If you can do so please let the leadership know of your intention.


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