Feb 11 2019 Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes
February 11, 2018


  • Introductions
  • Crime Prevention Reports


  1. Genesee Section
    1. Several related robberies- 15 January at the Quick Fill station, 1835 Mount Hope AVE, 27 January at the Speedway station, Elmwood and Clinton AVE South, 27 January at the Valero station on East Henrietta RD and Westfall RD. Rochester Police, using information from the Brighton Police, located and pursued the suspect, apprehending him after a brief foot chase.
    2. A women used a knife in a robbery at 1810 Mount Hope AVE. She went to a hospital for treatment and was apprehended there.
    3. Mount Hope AVE traffic speed is still a concern. They cannot repair the electronic speed sign at this time. The section is locating some officers by the Mount Hope Cemetery entrance while waiting for other calls to deter speeding in the area.
  2. Central Section
    1. There are continuing problems with “Porch Pirates” stealing packages. A package was taken from a Gregory ST residence.
    2. There have been problems with violence around the Downtown Transit Center. The transportation agency is paying for extra security so the police are not taking resources from the South Wedge area to deal with the problems.
  3. Goodman Section
    1. Persons entered two cars without breaking into them.
    2. A person lost control of their weapon at 931 Clinton AVE South and ran out of the store.


  • Neighborhood Service Center Reports


  1. Nancy Johns Price
    1. Literacy Volunteers, Help, are running a job fair on 20 February 2019. There will be recruiting in every quadrant. In the Southeast there are 356 jobs available. Call if you need help.
    2. Community Has Partners Network
      1. Event on 26 April 2019 honors people who work with youth to build assets in young people. Applications are due by 29 March 2019. There is a nominations form.
      2. Event on 03 June 2019 at the Public Market. Nominate people in your neighborhood, one for each quadrant will be recognized. Nominations are due by 29 March 2019.
    3. Clean Sweep – Get project in. Mini Clean Sweep, starts in June. City drops off tools and bags, then collects them after the event.
    4. Interns introduced. Rochester Police Department cadets working at MCC for 1-1/2 years.
      1. Interns go around with police officers. Police officers give out tickets for doing a good thing that includes a gift certificate. Example – cutting the lawn.
      2. “Do the Right Thing” awards for students.
    5. Planning Office Comprehensive Plan – Rollout, coming back for feedback


  • Glynis Valenti, Executive Director – South Wedge Planning Committee


  1. Confirms programs
    1. Wedge Newspaper – publishes it, needs submissions, events, history
    2. South Wedge Farmers’ Market – new vendors
      1. Market Planning Committee needs volunteers
      2. Community Group gets a few tables
      3. Local Artisans added too
    3. Victory Gardens
    4. Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) – house in the South Wedge. Community Housing Development by the Federal Government, can be an abandoned house, house selected and assigned for development, for a first-time home owner.
    5. City Love – 03 May 2019 – Band, fun, tickets $25.00 per person, student tickets $15.00
    6. Seeking perceptions of the South Wedge – priorities – Is it crime? Affordable housing?
    7. Area concern – Repairs needed around new RG&E substation. There are pot holes/sink holes in Mount Hope AVE. Information sent to the project manager.
    8. New staff – John Broderick, Construction Manager; Candice Brown, Bookkeeper
    9. Farmers’ Market opening third week in June.


  • Elaine Spaull, City Council


  1. Helped with Peace Village Encampment and got people inside during the bad weather, located on Industrial ST
  2. Hearing 21 February 2019 on Police Accountability – 5:30 P.M. at City Hall. Focus on different issues
  3. East Avenue – Marriott – East and Alexander – 5th try
  4. Public Library – Beautiful sculptures
  5. Parcel 5 – 80 people interested in discussion, old hotel doing better
  6. Elaine not running for reelection, self monitor term


  • Carmen Douglass – Director of Frederick Douglass Center


  1. Summer jobs for ages 14-20, 6-8 week paid program, 01-29 March 2019, fill out an application
  2. Indoor Soccer season


  •   Highland Hospital meeting at City Council – concern about height of buildings
  • Future NBN6 Meetings


  1. March ROC the River, University of Rochester
  2. April – Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School move, Lilac Festival Events at Highland Park


  •   Jonathan Hardin – Charlotte Neighborhood Association – Talked about their interactions with the Rochester Police Department.
  •   Dan Hurley – Mount Hope Neighborhood


  1. Mount Hope AVE reconstruction – Phase II – putting utility wires underground, excavate two feet below existing road surface, remove utility lines, level, pave. Some additional property taken to widen sidewalk areas. He talked with Norman Jones, Commissioner, about underground utilities. Costs keep increasing – was 1 million, now 6 million. Bids complete in August. Presentation on this in March
  2. How is College Town doing? – Growing pains, more health, medical services in stores. The hotel is doing well.


  • Next Meeting – Second Monday in March – 11 March 2019



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