March 11 2019 Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes
March 11, 2018

Facilitator:  Monica McCullough
Secretary:  Sandra Brewer
Refreshments: Dave Halter estate

I.      Introductions

II.    Crime Prevention Reports

a.     Goodman Section

  • Two robberies on Monroe AVE – #631 Merchant accosted by person who took money from the register. #560 Chase Bank, person armed with handgun, arrest made the next day based on information from a phone.
  • Package thief on Wilcox ST, February 23.
  • Car thefts are down, keep locking your cars.
  • Burglaries during the last three days. Past employee took money from register.
  • Police presence at Nelson ST/Henrietta ST, phone showing area, false lead, no crime on Nelson ST.

b.     Central Section – Officer Smith

  • Crimes are down in this section.
  • Sanford ST – two robberies.
  • St. Joseph’s – cell phone taken.
  • Popular ST – person entered unlocked window and took camera equipment from third floor studio, locks were not good.

c.     Genesee Section – Officer DiMarin

  • Robbery – 1635 Mt. Hope Ave Family Dollar, $1,200 taken. Security camera did not show the person.
  • A question from the audience about security cameras. Police have no data on specific systems. Citizens love them. Options explained. There is no check list for security systems kept by the police department.

III.  ROC the Riverway Report – Erik Frisch – City Engineer’s Bureau

a.     Erik gave a PowerPoint presentation on plans to transform the Genesee Riverfront downtown.

b.     Plans build upon past plans and studies over the past 10 years.

c.     Work on development to benefit the public

d.     Many improvements planned for the riverfront

  • New and improved public parks and spaces
  • Updated trails with more connections
  • Improved infrastructure
  • Updated public facilities
  • Private development sites

e.     There is an advisory board for this initiative

f.      Governor Cuomo announced $50 million for this initiative in August 2018. The city will try to get money for it in 2019.

g.     Construction work in progress or planned

  • Rundel Library North Terrace – development of public space to engage view of the river with an art gateway and water features
  • Reconstruction of the east river path and enhancements that require State and National approval
  • Planned reconstruction of the west river wall with a more natural appearance while maintaining flood protection for the Corn Hill area and bringing better access to the riverfront. Groundbreaking planned for summer 2019.
  • Blue Cross Arena/Rochester War Memorial – planned improvements, Exchange BLVD expansion, 2nd floor expansion, groundbreaking soon
  • ROC City Skate Park planned under the Susan B. Anthony-Frederick Douglass Bridge. Groundbreaking expected in the fall of 2019.
  • Charles Carroll Park & Sister Cities Bridge – This park has not been maintained since the 1960’s. It is built on the roof of a parking garage and needs to be maintained now. There are places where people lurk. People walk and bike there. Plans to eliminate stairs, make the bridge ADA compliant.
  • Riverside Convention Center North Terrace – Wrap up work there this summer.
  • Erie Harbor Promenade – Rebuilding of historic raceway, land side improvements, hope to complete bridge which is 10-12 feet wide. Add a 51 foot wide walkway.
  • Riverside Trail Upgrades – South of the Morgan Management development at Court ST and South Ave, year-round maintenance hoped for.
  • Play Walk – Broad ST, east of the river, multiple areas to encourage play for healthy kids, connecting the Central Library and the Strong Museum.

h.     Special Events

  •  Play Day at the Criterium
  •  Soap Box Derby
  •  Gus Macher 3-on-3 tournament
  •  Paddle the River – Corn Hill
  •  ROC the Falls – High Falls

i.      Engineering and Design

  •  Genesee Gateway Park/Erie Harbor enhancements – new playgrounds, basketball court, boat launch area
  •  Waterside work requires coordination. Bids next winter, design is not complete and public comment possible.

IV.  Neighborhood Groups Guidelines Proposal – Judy Hay

a.     A proposal for guidelines that required incorporation, elections and by-laws started when individuals claimed to represent neighborhoods when existing groups were already recognized.
b.     All of the current Neighborhood Group Presidents said the current proposal will not work as block groups and many neighborhood organizations are not incorporated and each has its own way of doing business. Some groups are 501 C3, thus can access funding at all levels of government, others are organized more informally.
c.     The Presidents agreed it was essential to rewrite the proposal.
d.     Provide feedback – March 18, 2019, draft document, Presidents Group of all neighborhoods will “chew on it”.
e.     City Council review starts April 15, 2019, with a final draft by April 26, 2019.
f.      There is no offer of funding connected to this process.

V.    Neighborhood Service Center Reports

a.     Southeast NSC – Nancy Johns Price

  • Play workshop – Learn games, April 27, 2019, 9 A.M. to 3 P.M., Space is limited for this.
  • Play Walk – July 13, 2019, receive resource container
  • National Americorps, travels to 15 communities. It is coming to our area for 8 weeks, July 15 – September 10, 2019. There is a need for housing – churches, hotels, colleges cannot do it all the time. The goal is to work on many small projects. Call Nancy Price at 585-428-7640.
  • City Budget Meeting at City Hall, Wednesday, March 13. This does not include the City School District Budget.

VI.  Community Sharing

a.     SEAC – Hired part-time employee – helps Farmers’ Market
b.     Harro East Gala – June 14, 2019
c.     Highland Hospital rezoning proposal – 17 March at Council committee, Goes to City Council on 19 March 2019.

VII.         Future NBN6 Meetings

  • April 8– Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School presentation b y Developer Angelo Ingrassia
  • May 6 Lilac Festival Events at Highland Park Larry Staub, City Master Plan
  • NBN6 needs volunteers to serve as minute taker for meeting and secretary. If interested please contact a member of the leadership team

VIII.       Next Meeting – Second Monday in April – 08 April 2019


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