NBN6 Oct 19 2015 Meeting Notes

NBN6 Meeting Notes

Monday October 19, 2015


Facilitator: Sue O’Neil

Refreshments:  Mary Staropoli (NeighborGood Grant)

Notes:  Mary Staropoli


  1. Introductions    


  1. Report from Rochester Police Department 



Crime activity since last NBN6 meeting:

-Street robbery on Mt. Vernon @ 2am

-4 burglaries and 1 attempted burglary (Rockingham, Mt Vernon, Oakland & Stuart & South Ave)

Still working on getting crime data reports straightened out to provide you with the detailed information by the new section geography.

Goodman section officers currently working out of the Clinton section; the plan had been to open a new Goodman section headquarters with officers located in the neighborhood to implement community policing. Just informed there will be no money this fiscal year (ending June 2016) for a new Goodman section headquarters. Humboldt St., Carlson Rd. & Culver/Atlantic were being looked at for location possibilities and hoping those locations may still be available when they get to move forward with relocation.


GENESEE SECTION (Mt. Hope area):

Crime activity since last NBN6 meeting:

-Mt. Hope street robbery on Langslow St. @ 10pm

-E. Henrietta Rd. shed burglary

Genesee & Lake sections are currently sharing space on Jay St. in the Lake section. They have also been informed there will be no funds to open a Genesee Section headquarters this fiscal year.


DOWNTOWN SECTION (South Wedge/S. Clinton):

Crime activity since last NBN6 meeting:

-Stolen vehicles on South Ave. (2)

-Burglaries on Cypress, Hamilton, Averill

-Vehicle larceny & petty larceny incidents on Averill


  1. Report from Neighborhood Service Center Administrators


SOUTHEAST (Nancy Johns Price):

A public service ad promoting traffic calming appeared in the last issue of City Newspaper. The Voice of the Citizen initiative is a collaboration with Reconnect Rochester that includes “Streets for the People” and “Pace Car” campaigns. The public service ad will run several more times.


Q:  Why is grass growing out of the storm drains?

A:  Email Nancy and she can send you to the right person at the County to talk to



Reviewed RPD Section & Beat Boundaries map for the Central section (his jurisdiction).

Last week there was a holiday lighting at Mt. Hope & CollegeTown, which was a great community event.

The City is reviewing terms of snow removal for enhancement district around CollegeTown and clarifying that the City will do snowplowing but ice or snow removal will still need to be done by business owners in front of their shops.

The Southwest NSC is working on signs & transparency issues on local businesses (426 of them so far) and addressing non-compliance. Taking before and after photos to show the difference it is making.


Q:  Are you addressing the sidewalk signs?

A: You can only do that with a special permit for 60-90 days and that is being addressed as part of the initiative.


Q:  What’s happening with the Munchies food truck on Mt. Hope Ave.? The properties where it’s parked are being sold and the truck is just sitting there.

A:  We are addressing a complaint about that, not sure the status, I will check and let you (Lisa Regan) know.


  1. Highland Park South Update, Larry Staub             


Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) had occupied the building since the 1950’s. The building had fallen into disrepair and needed millions of dollars to upgrade. CCE chose to re-locate since they didn’t have the funds to invest in the building. The building was owned by the County and there was a deed that if CCE vacated (which they did), it would go back to the County.  Decision was made to demolish it this fall. The demolition went very smoothly.

The County successfully petitioned to have the building land designated as parkland, which was an important for its future use as part of the park. Grass seed has been laid on the site and grass will appear in the spring.

The County will begin a Highland Park South Master Plan at the beginning of 2016. There will be 2-3 public meetings that will be widely publicized as an opportunity for neighbors to give input. The Master Plan will include the entirety of the south part of the park, not just the old building site.


Q:  Will there be a special opportunity for NBN6 leaders to give input at one of our meetings?

A:  We will consider that if it makes sense.


Q: Will it be more than just additional parking and consistent with the Olmsted design?

A: We’re approaching it with an open mind and we’d certainly like for it to be used for more than parking.


  1. Business Association Updates


Business Association of the South Wedge Area (BASWA) – Rose O’Keefe

BASWA is a 501c3 non-profit with a board made up primarily of business owners. Regular meetings are held on 2nd Wednesday of every month @ 6pm at 357 Gregory St. BASWA is a VERY active organization with tremendous amount of activity; a few highlights are:

-South Wedge Quarterly magazine has been published 5x/year for the last 3 yrs

-Clean Sweep participation

-Third Thursday Concerts in Star Alley from May – October

-Rochester Real Beer Expo event in June

-Harvest Hootenanny event in Sept

-South Wedgeucation event in Sept

-Upkeep of the SW business directory map at the clock tower

-Night of the Living Wedge pub crawl event

-It’s a Wonderful Life holiday festival in Dec

-Maintenance of public spaces like Star Alley

-Maintenance of community parking lot

-Maintenance and beautification (planters, benches, public art)

-And much more


Mount Hope Business Association (MHBA) – Melanie Warren

-MHBA has been very busy with CollegeTown

-New apartments/lofts are full

-Many new businesses have moved in and more are still coming

-Current focus on branding and advertising, including banners on the avenue

-Trying to let the public know about the free parking in the back to encourage them to shop at CollegeTown

-Trying to get the word out about Constantino’s grocery store

-Getting ready for the holidays with holiday lighting on the trees

-Working very closely with UR and Mount Hope Task Force (believe it pays to work with them and not against them)

-Advocating for new CVS on Crittenden to NOT be a 24 hour operation; not sure what’s going into the old CVS location


South Clinton Merchants Association (SCMA) – Sarah Farmer                         

-Huge efforts to build the association up and try to change the perceptions, encourage our neighbors to enjoy what the Avenue has to offer

-Lots of exciting development that has changed the landscape – Buckingham’s Cub Room & Edge of the Wedge, McMann’s Meat Market, etc.

-SCMA works closely with Highland Planning LLC who provide street manager services

-“S. Clinton Goes Batty” event coming up this weekend and hoping it will be bigger and better than last year’s first time event

-Sending regular mailers to thousands of neighbors highlighting new businesses and special events on the Avenue


  1. Highland Hospital Landscape Plan Public Meeting, Judy Lee Hay


-Special (drop-in) meeting to talk about the landscaping surrounding Highland Hospital will be held Thursday, Oct 22, 5:30-7:30 here at Olmsted Lodge. Stop by and give your input!


  1. Community Sharing      

-Swillburg held a wonderful event last week to celebrate the defeat of the proposal years ago to build an expressway through the neighborhood; celebration that citizens do make a difference!

-Highland Park & Swillburg are hosting a meeting tomorrow night here at Olmsted Lodge @ 7pm with City Assessor Tom Huonker to discuss the expected 10-15% property tax assessment increases in our neighborhoods

-Highland Park & Swillburg are also working together to keep an eye on the sale and development of the parcel of land on S. Goodman & Karges Place near 490

-Cypress/Linden neighbors had a joint block party at Episcopal Church Home

-In the Lilac Neighborhood, Furman Crescent had a 40th anniversary block party

-Highland branch library is still closed, but lots going on at the Monroe Branch and Wheatley (Cornhill) so please check out what those branches have to offer

–RPD is having a gun buy back program on Whitney St. on Sat Nov 7, 12-5pm…please spread the word!

NBN6 May 18 2015 Meeting Notes

NBN6 Meeting Notes 5/18/15

1. Introductions

2. RFD CERT Presentation – Lt. Jason Bagley

Open House at the fire station last Saturday was a success Vegetation drying out this time of year can cause brush fires; reminder to keep yard waste away from your house. Average response time so far this year is 4:48 (national standard is 8 minutes).

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program trains community members on fire prevention strategies, preparation to put out small fires, rescue trapped people, provide basic medical assistance, bridge the gap until professionals arrive on the scene, handle fire, storm & inclement weather situations. If anyone is interested in receiving the training, which is held on weeknight evenings, let Lt. Jason Bagley know. He can be reached at 428-3697 or joseph.luna@cityofrochester.gov.

Q: How are people identified? A: CERT trained members wear bright neon vests to identify them

3. RPD & NSC – The Reorganization, Meet new personnel

Nancy Johns-Price gave final clarification point on the Neighborhood Service Center boundaries:

-Upper Mount Hope and Mount Hope Avenue went entirely over to the Southwest NSC office; every other area in Sector 6 is still being serviced by Southeast NSC office

-If there’s any confusion, you can call either NSC office and you will be redirected to the right place if needed

-There is a document that breaks the re-organization map down street by street that is available and will be attached to the minutes

-Maps are also available on the City of Rochester website

South Wedge / Central Section – Car beat 229 Lt. Rob Wilson is the lieutenant in this section

Crime report for last month: 2 street robberies both on Averill (suspect in custody); 8 larcenies most involving unsecured property so please use caution; spray painting of billboard on South Ave.; domestic & sexual assaults in South Ave Tower

A: Are you aware of the large student parties happening on Cypress & Mt. Hope A: We are aware and working on that

Lilac / Azalea / Highland Park / Swillburg / Goodman Section – Car Beat 265 Lt. Frank Alberti is the Neighborhood Service Center lieutenant in this section

7 total car beats in the Goodman section

The new model is designed for officers to get to know people and provide better community policing (e.g. the same officer works the same car beat for 4 days consecutively)

Crime report last month: Burglaries on Oakland, Asbury, Reservoir & Mt. Vernon

Q: Any leads on the Al Sigl Center break-in? A: Still under investigation, no arrests have been made

Q: Anything to report on for the Lilac Festival? A: There were no major incidents, we had more police presence; there was a break up of a congregation of people on South Ave.

C: There were many incidents reported by neighbors of people urinating and defecating on their property; definitely feels an uptick of uncivil behavior R: It’s so important that you call 3-1-1 and report it, because that will drive our deployment of officers into the neighborhood

Upper Mt. Hope / Mt. Hope Ave. / Genesee Section – Car Beat 263 CPOs Carl Dickerson and Andy DiMaria came representing this section; a representative from this section will come to this meeting but have another one at 6:00 so hoping to be first on the agenda

Crime report last month: Genesee Bakery on Mt. Hope Ave. was recently robbed

Q: In-laws live at Erie Harbor and have tried to report loose dogs on the riverwalk and have been told that because of their address, it cannot be reported A: Yes, there’s a limitation to our system to input addresses, but we will look into a fix for that

4. Barcade – Jeff Ching & Brian Van Etten

Business partners, native Rochesterians that have returned from Boston and other places; have lived in Swillburg area, excited to embrace the young culture burgeoning here in Rochester; Jeff owns the Owl House Restaurant.

Renovating 820 S. Clinton (the old church on the corner of Meigs & S. Clinton) There are 3 different aspects of “The Playhouse” (reference to the building’s former use as a theatre playhouse):

1) “The Swillburger” restaurant, modern approach to the classic American burger joint; locally sourced foods, focus on vegetarian and gluten free options

2) “The Barcade” – throwback to a classic arcade with video games, custom tokens, quarter games, pinball machines, tabletop shuffleboard; family friendly during the day

3) Craft beer & cocktail bar – local & national microbrews; not pursuing entertainment license 3 with live music

Hoping to establish a long-term business, work with the neighbors, have a trouble-free establishment. There are also two offices inside the building that are already occupied. Have signed a 5 year lease and are hoping to eventually buy the building from current owner John Trickey.

Q: What’s the parking situation? Concerned about congestion with all the other businesses already around there. A: Parking will be available at Georgie’s, the South Wedge Diner and the plumbing business across the street. Will make a great effort to direct people to the 40 legal street parking spots on the bridge.

Q: When will you open? A: We’re finishing renovations and hoping to open in the July timeframe

Q: Is there any other meeting space? There are two mezzanines that fit about 20 pp each that may be available to rent for special events

Q: What’s the restaurant occupancy? A: Not sure yet (will have to wait for the fire marshal to make that call), but there will be seating for about 25 pp

5. Community Sharing

-Sadly, Crossroads Coffee House closed a few weeks ago, a great loss to the neighborhood

-No updates available on Highland Market but Nancy J-P will find out the status/timing of the opening

-Highland Hospital update (provided in writing following the meeting):

Highland Hospital has accepted an offer on the 27 Bellevue property and the closing is expected within the next couple of months. The new Highland Building Addition project has filed all materials needed for the Certificate of Need from the NYS State Dept. of Health. Construction will begin once approval is received from the state. Approval is expected this summer and construction on the project will then commence. The hospital is holding a groundbreaking ceremony on June 1st at 10:30 a.m. The event is employee-focused, but media will be invited to attend. Steering committee members have also been invited. Neighbors may see some media coverage on the event. A public event will be held when the building is completed. Once construction begins, it is estimated that it will take 12-18 months to complete. The hospital is working through a Planned Development re-zoning with the City of Rochester. No more projects such as the new building addition will be approved under the current zoning. To assist with the process, HOLT Architects has been hired to work with Hospital officials. The Neighborhood Steering Committee is already providing input about the neighborhood’s character and list of priorities/concerns during the early stages of this next phase of the Highland master plan. This phase focuses on taking a closer look at the hospital campus footprint over a period of 25 years. As the process moves forward, neighborhood constituency groups will be presented to, and asked for formal input, that will be taken into account as part of the PD process with the City. Once a schedule is developed later this fall, NBN6 should expect that hospital officials will request meeting time. The hospital recently held a presentation on “good neighbor relations” with Highland’s management team. During the meeting, hospital administrators discussed concerns related to smoking and discarded cigarette butts, incentivizing carpooling, and behaviors among all employees that are in alignment with the ICARE values. Managers are being asked to reinforce a good neighbor policy with their employees.

NBN6 April 13 2015 Meeting Notes

NBN Sector 6 Meeting

Monday, April 13, 2015

Announcement: Next NBN6 meeting will be May 18 (Note it is off schedule from our usual 2nd Monday)

1. Rochester Police Department Report Officer Michelle Velez (welcome back!) gave the area crime report for the last month. Significant crime incidents included a knife assault on South Ave. (suspect identified but not arrested) and a commercial robbery on Mt. Hope Ave.

Lieutenant Rob Wilson from the new Central Section introduced himself. The new Central section will go into effect with the re-organization and will service the downtown area plus the South Wedge, Alexander St, Upper East End & Wadsworth Square. It will be a 24/7 operation (unlike the Downtown Detail, which was only a daytime operation). Contact him at rw1080@cityofrochester.gov or 428-8830.

The re-organization is expected to go into effect on April 20. The City will be putting out a new communication piece that will include contact info for all the new RPD section offices and NSC quadrant offices, and hopefully it will get out to all residents with their water bill.

2. Lilac Festival Update – Larry Staub & Jeff Springett

The festival will continue with the some new security measures implemented last year that were largely effective, most notably, fencing in the entire festival site with a limited number of entry points.

The Arts & Craft show is being moved to Reservoir Ave to help ease congestion down at the main festival site and encourage people to experience the Conservatory and the main part of the Park. Artists will be set up on the curbs and the Reservoir Ave will be blocked off for pedestrians use only. The “South Avenue Green” (where the Arts & Crafts show was) will be used for the wine & chocolate tasting events on Mon, Tues & Wed, the Lilac Brew Festival on Thurs & Fri, and the Lilac Home & Garden Show will be held there on Sat & Sun.

New this year will be a trolley bus will be used to shuttle people to different areas of the festival. 64 bands will play on the Main Stage over the 10 days of the festival The Lilac Festival Parade will be held as usual, as well as the Lilac 5K and 10K runs. More info at http://www.rochesterlilacfestival.com.

Q: Will Reservoir Ave. be closed throughout the festival? A: No, just during the Arts & Craft show; it will be open one way the rest of the time

Q: Will there be a no pet policy again? A: Yes. There’s been a huge positive response to this change, and a number of other large festivals in the area have also followed suit.

Q: Will pets be allowed in the rest of the Park (outside the festival site)? A: Yes, if they’re on a leash.

3. NeighborWorks – Lynette Robinson

NeighborWorks offers lending services and grants to help people address roof and home repairs, like the damage that many experienced as a result of ice damming over the winter (e.g. water damage, mold). NeighborWorks also has a first-time homeowner program that offers education, lending opportunities and down payment assistance. Energy audits for all homeowners is another service offered. Please help spread the word that NeighborWorks resources for homeowners! More info at http://www.nwrochester.org

4. S. Clinton St. Improvement Project – Rich Koss

The project is made up of two major components: 1) Preventative Maintenance and 2) Enhancement

1) Preventative Maintenance component ($1,887,000):

-Covers S. Goodman St from Broadway to East Ave., and S. Clinton Ave from Byron St. to the (south) City line

-Milling and resurfacing of existing pavement

-Poor/failing curbing and sidewalk replaced as needed

-Traffic signs replaced as needed

-Adjustments to water valves, receiving basins frame and grates & manhole frames

-80% Federally funded with 20% local match

2) S. Clinton Avenue Enhancement component ($750,000):

-S. Goodman St. to (south) City line

-Granite curb bump-outs

-Enhanced crosswalks

-Enhanced street lighting

-100% State funded

Project timeline:

Design phase completed by late summer

2015 Construction will begin spring 2016

Completion in summer 2016

Questions and comments can be directed to Rich Koss, 428-6862, rkoss@cityofrochester.gov

Q: Will there be bike lanes added? A: There’s generally not enough width to accommodate bike lanes in this area, but in the few places we can, we are adding bike lanes

Comment: Bump outs can be hazardous to bikers, especially in the winter when they cannot be seen clearly

Q: Will the “Enhanced crosswalks” will they involve crosslight signals? A: We’re open to considering those for heavy traffic crossings; if we’re alerted to it, we can begin studying them and assessing whether that option makes sense

Q: Are you planning on LED/efficiency lighting? A: Yes, that’s all we do for new projects in the City now

Q: How does this correspond with the Monroe Ave bridge project, which will shift traffic and it needs to go somewhere A: This should be done by the end of 2016 well in advance of the Monroe Ave bridge project

Q: Are you doing a design charrette for this? A: This plan is followup to work done years ago by the ESCAPE committee, which was a design charrette process that engaged neighborhood stakeholders

Q: A gateway sign would be great somewhere on S. Clinton as a gateway to the City A: It could not be funded by state funds, but we can take a look at whether the City funds could cover it

Q: When will they be doing Mt. Hope Ave.? A: The project has not begun yet and will likely be 2018 at this point

Comments: Please don’t use raised crosswalks, which are not effective and break in pieces

5. Highland Market – Developer Danny Stephanou

The property has been taking a long time to build because of the winter conditions, but things are moving along now. A lot of money is being invested into the facade to blend in to the neighborhood. There will be soft lighting. The service will be excellent and the prices will be affordable to people in the neighborhood. The plan is to hire 15-18 people from the neighborhood. The bakery will make fresh goods. “We want the neighborhood to be satisfied with our presence.”

Danny Stephanou can be reached 355-2920 and can be contacted directly with concerns, or you can stop by to see him at the construction site.

Q: Have the plans changed as far as the exterior (e.g. awnings)? Will you follow the plans exactly? A: Yes.

Q: Will you use that back building for storage? A: Yes, and I plan to paint it so it looks nicer.

Q: What’s the expected timeline? A: Completion is expected in about 2 months. It’s been delayed because of winter, and there’s also a hold-up with RG&E.

Q (for Nancy J-P): A lot of the construction is happening on the weekend. Is there a different noise ordinance for the weekend?  A: It’s the same as weekday: 7am – 10pm. Complaints can be directed to me (Nancy).

Comment: I’m appalled at the dangerous construction site conditions, especially the lack of fencing; I’ve have been taking pictures and reporting it to the City (Peter Siegrist); this developer should be cited for it. Also appalled at the poor structure of the building.

In response, Nancy Johns-Price reported that the safety issues have all been reported to OSHA and they have been to the site 4 times with a few recommendations to improve safety conditions, specifically with the scaffolding.

6. Clean Sweep – Nancy Johns-Price

Clean Sweep will be on Saturday, May 2nd. All 22 southeast projects have been finalized. We only have 45 volunteers signed up. Please call 3-1-1 to sign up yourself and volunteers. It will help us plan for t-shirts, game tickets, etc. More info at http://www.cityofrochester.gov/cleansweep.

Remember, anything that doesn’t get taken care of on May 2, the NSC office is happy to help coordinate a “mini-sweep” anytime during the year.

Comment: Please give us more advance notice next year, more than a 2 week window to turn in projects and recruit volunteers

7. Highland Hospital – Lisa Thompson

Lisa introduced herself as new community relations officer at Highland Hospital (replacing Barb Ficcara). A ground breaking is coming up in June for the expansion project. She will serve as the single point of contact for communication with the community during the project.

Mike Thompson explained that there are 3 committees working actively with the Hospital: 1) Expansion Project 2) Landscaping Improvements 3) Neighborhood committee to address day-to-day, quality of life

8. Community Sharing

A Swillburg community garden lot was sold by the City unbeknownst to the neighborhood; apparently, the neighborhood did not submit a garden permit in 2014 so it got lost in the system and the neighborhood was not notified when the City was made an offer on the property by an adjacent neighbor, so it was sold. The new private owner will be contacted to see if the garden can be planted as the neighbors planned this year. Just a warning that if you’ve got a lot used for community garden, make sure you submit for a permit to verify its use every single year!

South Wedge Planning Committee reports that the Thursday evening South Wedge Farmers Market will be moving to a green space on Mt. Hope Avenue near the river.

This Thurs 4/16 @ 3pm there will be a special dinosaur program at the Highland Branch library, and on Thurs 4/30 there will be a knitting class.