NBN6 Nov 9 2015 Meeting Notes

NBN6 Meeting Notes

Monday November 9, 2015


Facilitator: Lisa Reagan

Refreshments – NeighborGood Grant – Joan Lindberg



  1. Introductions



  1. Rochester Police Department Report




No major crime activity to report since the last NBN6 meeting.


Goodman section officers currently working out of the Clinton section; the plan had been to open a new Goodman section headquarters and re-locate officers to be located in the neighborhood and implement the community policing. Have been informed that the funds for a new headquarters have been pushed out to the 2016-17 budget. In the meantime, a site needs assessment is underway and 3 possible sites are being considered.


The professional service section will be moving into the old Southeast NSC office on S. Clinton Avenue.


Q: Why do you need to move?

A: Currently operating out of the Clinton section, and in order to truly implement the community policing, our officers need to be located in the section.


Q: Will the Southeast NSC remain where they are (at Village Gate)?

A: Yes, they will stay where they are.


GENESEE SECTION (Mt. Hope area):


Crime activity since last NBN6 meeting:

-No burglaries

-Street robbery on Elmwood Ave.; 3 suspects arrested


We have a lot of young officers in the platoon at Genesee Section, so they’ll be learning on the job.


Genesee & Lake sections are currently sharing space on Jay St. in the Lake section. They have also been informed there will be no funds to open a Genesee St. headquarters until the 2016-17 fiscal year.



DOWNTOWN (South Wedge/S. Clinton):


Crime activity since last NBN6 meeting:

-1 garage burglary on Linden St.


Expecting marches and protests on November 10, which is the National Day of Action. RPD is on alert and ready to respond to any activity.



  1. City Re-Assessment – Tom Huonker (City Assessor) & Staff


Assessed Value = Fair Market Value


Homestead properties pay no more than 40% of the City’s total tax levy, which protects them from a lot of the fluctuation/decline related to losses in the commercial property tax base (e.g. Kodak, Sibley).


Reassessment takes place every four years. Some property values go up, some stay the same, and some go down. Property owners receive notice in December. If they want to dispute their assessment, they can call the number contained in the letter. Hearings are available, both over the phone and in person.


Re-assessments are based on selling prices in your neighborhood, and in the southeast, properties are generally gaining in value. We encourage you to dispute your assessment if you feel it’s unfair, and produce evidence for the City to consider.


The sale data on which assessments are based can be viewed at www.cityofrochester.gov/recentsales. The Assessment office also gathers interior information on realty websites like www.homesteadnet.com.


Q: Why do you have to send them out during the holiday season?

A: Because it allows more time for property owners to come in and challenge their assessments, leaving time for fielding all the calls, scheduling hearings, etc.


Q: When were the home sales that the reassessments are based on?

A: Sales that occurred from Jan 2013 – May 2015


Q: What’s the lag time between the closing and when it would be reflected on the City’s website?

A: Just a few days


Q: How do you account for neighborhood amenities or location?

A: We break it down into very small areas within a neighborhood


Q: How many sales do you take into account in the radius of a house

A: Typically the 5 sales within the neighborhood in closest proximity


  1. Winter Snow Management – Norm Jones, Commissioner, Department of Environmental Services & Staff; Jim McIntosh, City Engineer; Stephanie Woodward, Director, Center for Disability Rights


Recap of last winter:

-Coldest February in 200 years

-Average temperature 12.2 degrees

-Above freezing for just six hours during the month of February!


Many improvements made in 2015:

-First year of redesigned arterial and residential routes

-Winged routes designed for new winged trucks that arrived winter/spring 2015

-Five trucks ready for this winter

-Evaluated the quality of the contractors

-Added sidewalk plows


This winter, new signs are being erected on 65 of the narrower streets that say “No parking when winter parking emergency parking””. People will be asked to clear the street temporarily so the City can get in there and clear it. The City will do it overnight and offer people temporary parking in city garages.


The City is also working to improve the funneling of information from residential calls to 311  to the DES staff. If you want to know when aa snow plow will visit your street, or need to report a snow-related hazard or violation, call 311.


The impact on people with disabilities is great when they’re unable to access the community because of snow and ice on the sidewalks. They become more home-bound, can’t get to work, or can’t go out for groceries. Even one inch of snow is too much for many people with disabilities.


Please take your responsibility as homeowners and business owners seriously and clear the sidewalks in front of your home/business. And please don’t plow/shovel snow into sidewalk intersections or handicapped parking spots.


The City is trying to educate the whole community, and put a spotlight on this issue to make an impact on the quality of life for everyone but especially people with disabilities.


Q: Do business owners get a ticket for piling snow in handicapped parking spots?

A: We are trying to take an educational approach rather than a punitive/ticketing approach


Q: What do you do when property owners are just not cooperating?

A: We can enforce City Code Section 104-11, and you can report problem properties by calling 311 and they will forward your call to the appropriate code inspectors


Q: I cannot call 311 from my cell phone – what should I do?

A: You can call 428-5990 from a cell phone and get to the same place


Q: Do you have a SWAT team that can come out for dangerous situations (e.g. properties that are hazardous with absentee landlord or vacant properties)?

A: The property owner, even if absentee, is responsible; that being said, we will respond to those types of situations, so again, call 311 to report it



  1. School #12 Renovation Project Update – Ted Mountain, SEI Design Group


50-60 contractors are working every day at the site and construction is fully underway on the school, the recreation center, and the library.


The project is running on schedule without any delays. We are getting into the clear and past the point when you might run into surprises/roadblocks. The plan is to turn it back over to the school district in June 2016 so they can prepare to open for the 2016-17 school year.


The library renovation is almost complete and the plan is that it will re-open on December 11, 2015.


Q: Will there be landscaping int the front of the building near the bus loop?

A: Yes, there will be a landscaping area out front with trees


Q: Where are all the mechanics/AC units? Will it be visible from the street?

A: No, not from the street — it’s set pretty far back on the roof


Q: Will there be an opportunity for neighbors to come see it before it opens again?

A: Yes; December or January might be a good time and we can set that up



  1. City Council Member Elaine Spaull 


Three current issues of public concern:


1) Body camera public forums coming up, the first this Thursday 11/12 at City Hall and another on Mon Nov 16.


2) City Council is weighing legislative changes having to do with Certificates of Occupancy, i.e., length of term, contact requirements for absentee landlords, discriminatory practices


3) An open forum on the topic of nuisance points will be held on Nov 19


Information about all these items have or will be included in the NBN6 e-news.


Agenda for Jan 12, 2014 NBN6 Meeting

Here’s the agenda for the upcoming Jan 12 NBN6 Meeting.  It will be held, as usual, at the Olmsted Lodge, 171 Reservoir Ave., from 5:30 – 7:00 PM.

Facilitator: Judy Hay
Snacks & Notes: Mary Staropoli
  1. Introductions 5:30 – 5:35
  2. Rochester Police Dept. Ofc. Brian Bannerman 5:35 – 5:50
  3. School Modernization Update Nancy Johns-Price & Ted Mountain 5:50 – 6:10
  4. Code Enforcement: How to handle problem properties. Bring address of your ‘favorite’ property
  5. Kurt  Martin 6:10 – 6:30
  6. New NBN6 Website Mike Mahoney 6:30 – 6:40
  7. School Choice Meeting Mary Staropoli 6:40 – 6:45
  8. Community Sharing All 6:45 – 7:00