Zoom Meeting May 4, 2020

MAY 4, 2020 Agenda by Zoom Meeting

5:30 to 5:50 p.m. RPD Update

5:50 to 6:15 p.m. Jill Wiedrick –Director of Zoning

6:15 to 6:30 p.m. Mary Lupien-city council representative

6:30 to 6:45 p.m. SWNSC & SENSC

6:45 to 7 p.m. Community Update

Any questions, please contact Judy at judylhay.jh@gmail.com

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Have you filled out your CENSUS? Please make sure you do and ask neighbors and those you have contact with over the phone or e-mail if they have completed their Census.

March 9, 2020 Meeting Notes

NBN6 Meeting

March 9, 2020

Olmsted Lodge, 171 Reservoir AVE, Rochester NY

Refreshments:    Linda Baier, Azalea Neighborhood

 Introductions: Judy Hay

Minutes: Sandy and William Brewer

 I      Crime Prevention Reports – 

  1. Central Section
  2. Car stolen from car dealership lot
  3. Assault, stabbing – Victim got off the bus, came over to suspect. A fight started and the victim was stabbed several times.
  4. Incidents in Upper Mt. Hope Ave. area
  5. Package stolen from porch on Westfall Terrace.
  6. Science Parkway burglary – Employee locked up at close. Next day the doors were intact but $400.00 in petty cash was gone from a cupboard. Reviewing log of check-ins to see who might have done this potentially inside job.
  7. Reminder – With warmer weather, be vigilant, if working in your yard, be careful of unlocked house and garage doors.
  8. Comments from attendees
  9. Call 911 if you see people walking in the road and checking driveways.
  10. A neighbor had a power outage. They got a number to call from the city but when she called she heard ads about “if you are over 60, call this phone number.” RG&E crew did arrive in the area and fixed the problem in 20 minutes. Check your recent utility bill for the emergency number to call.
  11. Goodman Section – New Crime Prevention Officer Anthony Bellaird (see report below)


II     New Monroe County Director of Parks – Patrick Meredith

  1. Background – Studies, building construction, housing, Thruway, Parkridge Hospital project, Penfield – Assistant Building Inspector – sidewalk increased from 10-20 miles of sidewalk, Penfield and Irondequoit – Deputy Commissioner of Public Works and Irondequoit Commissioner of Public Works, NY State Commissioner of Regional Areas – dealt with emergency and flooding concerns to Albany, Penfield.
  2. In December, Adam Bello, County Manager, asked him to work for Monroe County as Parks Director. David Hamilton will be the Zoo Director.
  3. There will be a meeting to discuss the 2020 Lilac Festival prior to the event.
  4. Park Activities
  5. Zoo – Trail Café, a modern restaurant, hope to be completed next year.
  6. Seneca Park-meeting with residents for best ideas. Parking ideas, grant to improve river access with T deck and lower level for canoes and steps.
  7. Tree Projects – Thousands of trees removed (mostly Ash) and other trees being replaced in parks.
  8. Garden Scape Show and Conservatory
  9. St. Patrick’s Day Parade (The parade this year is cancelled. News arrived after this meeting.)
  10. Neighbor Questions
  11. Sidewalks by parks – Some are owned by the park, some owned by the city or towns. Comment – Some sidewalks are challenging for wheelchairs. Parks will check on responsibility for areas.
  12. Dogs off leash – dog came at lady who used spray to defend herself, then was assaulted by the owner. Police report filed. Nancy Johns-Price will look into this. Recommend calling 911 if problem with offleash dog.
  13. Children’s Pavilion – Highland Park Conservancy has raised $2 million of the $3 million needed. A foundation is looking into contributing.


III    PAC TAC – Officer Anthony Bellaird, Crime Prevention Officer – Works with Officer Cannon

  1. Background – 20 years with the Rochester Police Department.
  2.  Criminal activities in the area – Recent robberies; School 12, I phone taken from student; 919 South AVE, cart taken; Blackberry taken from a car. Don’t leave items in your car!
  3. PAC TAC Handouts – Program has been here since 1973. Police give training to groups who walk neighborhoods. They wear special vests to be highly visible, hear concerns, note possible drug houses and report observations. During festivals walk with officers.

PAC TAC application on the Rochester Police Department website. There is no PAC TAC for the Azalea Neighborhood at this time. Hours to walk areas are 10 AM – 6 PM. Best if there are three to five persons in a group in case some can not walk due to absence or vacation. Use log sheet for observations.

Training – Call 585-428-7244

IV    Updates on Projects in NBN6 – Judy Hay

  1. Terrance Building Projecton Elmwood Ave– Judy Hay spoke with Ralph DiTucci, there are third parties who want to develop portions of the property for housing and for commercial uses. They are in the process of conducting their due diligence, which will take a few months to complete. They are currently preparing their site plans for review and comparison to the development concept PDD Planned Development District. There is the possibility of repurposing the Terrance Building instead of demolition of the structure
  2. South Goodman-South Clinton intersection– The intersection was a runner up in the Street Makeover competition by Reconnect Rochester. A new design for a street make-over is due in two weeks from Stantec. Jessie Knoth will share information when it is available.

C   625 South Goodman – Apartments are ready for rent. On Thursday, March 19, 2020, there will be tours of the building at 5:30, 6:00 and 6:30 PM. The site used to be an old shoe factory. The owner of the house across the street by the expressway with the hole in the roof refuses to sell. (Due to the coronavirus the event was cancelled)

  1. South Clinton Ave. Bench Project– The South Clinton Merchants Association purchased two designer benches last year made by artist Stacy Mrva Her website is as follows:  http://www.staceymrva.com

Jesse SEAC, and Jen Topa Highland Planning are submitting a grant to ESL to fund more more benches South Clinton made by the same artist

Rochester Area Foundation Grant– Through the Neighbor Good Grant NBN6 received $1354.98 that paid for projector, screen and etc for NBN6 meetings, plus refreshments. There is $224.00 left for refreshments in the future.

Neighborhood Service Centers – Nancy Johns-Price

A new pamphlet listing resources is available. Uplift – Southeast Quadrant, call 585-428-7for a copy of this pamphlet.

Census 2020

People needing help filling out the form can go to the library

Census jobs are still available that do not involve going door-to-door.

Fill out the census by internet or phone. After five letters inviting response someone will come to the address for the information. The first Invitation Letters start arriving March 12, 2020 and will continue to come out for about a week after that.

South East Area Coalition – Meeting Thursday, March 19, 2020, 5:30 PM at 630 East AVE. Census recruiting, apply in person.

Clean Sweep – Apply by May 9, 2020. There are 25 places. You get volunteers, they provide tools and pick-up. All events are one day. Block cleanup acceptable

VI       Assemblyman Harry Bronson had a representative at the meeting.

Harry is busy with the State Budget due by April 1, 2020. E-mail your concerns to him.

$500,000.00 of the $2,000,000.00 raised for the Children’s Pavilion project came via Harry Bronson’s office.

VII      COVID-19 Update – No local cases known at this time. Treat it like the flu. Wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds with soap and water and dry thoroughly. Towns will respond to it in the best way they can.


VIII     Future Events

  1. David Halter Award on March 20, 2020, at 6:00 PM. SWPC City Love (Event cancelled)
  2. Deer continue to be a traffic concern along Elmwood AVE.
  3. Project Share – There is a grant for $350.00 available if you used up your heat benefits and received a turn-off letter from RG&E. Stop in at the Neighborhood Service Center for help with termination letters. There will be a fundraiser at Record Archive with food and live music to raise money to help small projects.
  4. Next NBN6 Meeting – 2ndMonday in April 2020, April 13, at the Olmsted Lodge.


Respectfully Submitted,

Sandy Brewer

Bill Brewer






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NBN6 Meeting Notes December 9, 2019

NBN6 Meeting

December 09, 2019

Olmsted Lodge, 171 Reservoir AVE, Rochester NY

Refreshments: Glynis Valenti


Introductions: Lisa Reagan


I      Crime Prevention Reports – Community Affairs Officer

  1. Genesee Section – Officer Dickerson – There were no major crimes, no burglaries. He remarked that a wallet was stolen at McDonalds, a cell phone stolen at Tavern and a car license plate was stolen off a vehicle.
  2. Goodman Section – Officer Alberti reported three thefts from unlocked cars. He made special mention of the retirement of Officer Mitchell after 30 years of service. There will be a gathering in his honor at noon on December 12, 2019 in Village Gate with pizza and cake. A donation of $5.00 a person would be appreciated.


II    Neighborhood Service Centers – Nancy Johns-Price

Census 2020 part time jobs available paying $17.00 an hour. Nancy has applications. Training on December 14, 2019.

Snow plow concerns – call 311 if driver plowed you in. Not a lot can be done. Karen St, Albin is coming in January to discuss plowing concerns.

If someone is not plowing the sidewalk, call Nancy Johns Price at the Neighborhood Service Center.

  1. If a private contractor is pushing snow into the street or blocking sidewalks, call Nancy with the contractor’s name or truck license plate number.
  2. The City does not plow sidewalks until four inches of snow falls.
  3. Snow plow damage to lawn – call 311, provide photos. The City will usually fix it.


III   Neighborhood Update on Highland Hospital Construction

Maureen Malone – Groundbreaking for new addition planned for 2020.

Information about construction work will be on the blog, including points of contact. People can sign up for alerts on blog updates.

Mike Zanghi– Basics of project

Four new stories on top of existing three-story east wing.

80,000 square feet of new space. Level 4 shell space for future development, Level 5 – 20 beds, Level 6 – 18 beds, Level 7 – 20 beds. Mechanical penthouse on roof.

Proposed site plan – gate for fire trucks off Mount Vernon for emergency use only, Centrally located nurse’s stations on each floor. Bright, broad corridors. Private patient rooms on floors 5-7 with great assets for patient care and comfort.

Regulatory approvals expected in February 2020 – City of Rochester Building Permit. Certificate of Need from regional health care council.

Kevin Hoffman – Le Chase Construction

Bidding for contracts in next few months.

Relocation of underground storage tank

Foundation work in summer and fall, late 2020 and early 2021

Enclosing building – summer 2021-summer 2022

Completion of project – summer of 2022

No construction parking on-site. Parking at off-site garage with shuttle for construction workers during the project.

Checking with City of Rochester on South Avenue construction work in summer 2020 and Highland will attempt to understand the City’s plans in relationship to Highland Hospital plans.

Tower Crane Plan – Crane has 360° radius of operation. Located on the southwest corner of the site. Allowed to turn with the wind when not in operation. Patient safety, neighborhood and worker’s safety important to them. No diesel fumes. Vibrations with construction at hospital will be monitored, with work stoppage for corrective actions if limits exceeded. Crane will be on site late next fall for 16-18 months during construction of steel framework. Construction work start at 7 A.M.

If damage is done to houses close to the hospital from work by vibrations, please report damage to the hospital. They will get contractors to fix it and talk to neighbors about it.

When there are vibrations, it is not due to fault lines but related to construction methods.


IV   Elaine Spaull Recognition for City Council Work for 12 Years and Lifetime Achievements

  1. Judy Hay noted Elaine’s educational background, Assistant Vice President at RIT, Law Degree from University of Buffalo, City Council, Executive Director of Center for Youth and work with teens, public policy issues, neighborhood issues, police accountability.
  2. Many spoke on the different ways Elaine has made contributions to the community and her integrity concerning issues and wonderful service.
  3. Elaine spoke in appreciation and commitment to service and helping others and work of the Center for Youth and new shelter and importance of Fashion Week in support of the Center for Youth.
  4. Cake served in Elaine’s honor – purchased from Genesee Bakery on Mount Hope Avenue. If you have photos of this celebration, e-mail them to nbn6leadershipteam@gmail.com.


V    625 South Goodman Apartments Update – Steve DiMarco, Mark IV Development

  1. Project name 625 South Goodman
  2. Solar panels on building rooftop.
  3. 100 apartment homes with hardwood plank flooring and features that include a community center open to residents and signup for community, glassed wall, fitness center, 24 hour surveillance, central air conditioning, $500.00 for referrals until March 2020, bark park.
  4. Rates – One bedroom $1105-1375, 567-693 square feet, sun decks, some apartments have 9, 10 or 12 foot ceilings, 4th floor wrap-around. Two bedroom $1460-1780. Two bedroom lofts $2265-2365, 1129 square feet. Leases for 12-24 months. Hard hat tours, industrial retro interiors, tight green space, outdoor grill, bike storage, bark park. Hope to open for move ins March 4, 2020.
  5. Benefits
  6. Encourage use of Metro Bus route
  7. Underground parking – 97 parking spaces
  8. Jobs available for permanent staff – repair, electricians

4     .    Over 20% pre-leased, call 585-256-0625, open house on March 1, 2020.

  1. 3% Senior discount, discounts also available for first responders, other discounts available.
  2. Inquiry about soundproofing – The developer knows that 84,00 cars go by each day, so they paid special attention to sound proof windows, 3-1/2 inches of spray foam outside, interior soundproof floor materials and between walls.


VI          Community Sharing

Carlene Woodward passed away on December 23, 2019. Highland Park Neighbors will honor her.

Rose O’Keefe noted that an obituary to honor Carlene Woodward is in the South Wedge Quarterly.

The January 2020 NBN6 meeting is on the 13th.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sandy Brewer

Bill Brewer


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November 4, 2019 Meeting Notes

NBN6 Meeting

November 04, 2019 (A week early due to the Veterans’ Day Holiday)

Olmsted Lodge, 171 Reservoir AVE, Rochester NY

Refreshments: Stacy Bershod


Introductions: Judy Hay


I      Crime Prevention Reports – Community Affairs Officer

  1. Genesee Section – Thefts from car, Purse thief.
  2. Central Section – Officer Ortiz died in a tragic accident.

Holiday shopping time, be sure to secure purchases out of sight. Lock widows to prevent break-ins. Sanford ST – woman mugged on way home from Equal Grounds late at night. Thefts from cars – no patterns, four were from unlocked cars, one locked car window broken. Someone shot with paint ball gun.

  1. Monroe Neighborhood – Car break-in over Halloween, spary pain of cars. Package thefts – track packages on-line, have sent to business address, delivery to secure locker, encourage delivery to side or back of house. If you have a security system, advertise it.


II    City Forestry on Tree Pruning – Brian Liberti

  1. The city has 65,000 trees on public property, 58,000-59,000 are city trees. The rest are park trees.
  2. The city is replacing 250 trees in the fall that they removed earlier.
  3. The city responds to storm calls. They treat ash trees.
  4. The city has 36 management units for forestry work. Pruning for little trees. Contractors for others. Concerns are for safety, removing dead branches. Maintenance pruning done for tree health.
  5. Call 311 to report tree concerns.
  6. Removal criteria – 50% of canopy gone, can not maintain more than 50 years.
  7. Neighborhood groups can request pruning if leaves block signs.


III   LaBella Engineering Proposal for 350 Benton ST/1012 South Clinton AVE Parking Lot

Bob Steehler, Shelby Vakiener

  1. Their client wants to construct 19 parking spaces on this old brownfield site where a dry- cleaning business was located .He is proposing an ancillary parking lot for proposed expansions of his properties at 1023, 1037, and 1045 S. Clinton Ave that he believes will fill the lot and does not plan to negotiate with adjacent business owners for parking spaces. Improved lighting  that is compatible with a lot adjacent to a residence. Install a six-foot fence around the lot. This project includes landscaping work on South Clinton Ave.
  2. There is a site-plan application. The property is currently zoned Residential and must be re-zoned for this project.
  3. Mr. Wong is the owner. No demolition is required. The site has been vacant. The application goes to the Zoning Board for review and re-zoning
  4. Neighbors on Benton ST have concerns about entrances as the street gets narrow in the winter with accumulated snow.
  5. Commenters concerned that parking lot proposed with plans for owner’s other properties not public at this time.


IV          South Avenue Resurfacing Project – Jason Nabewaniec

  1. South Avenue between Byron and Highland Hospital – underground work and resurfacing for six weeks in early spring 2020
  2. Traffic and parking restrictions at times during the project. Check the city construction webpage for scheduling details as they develop.


  1. South Ave South of Hospital to Elmwood will be reconstructed the next season. Several neighborhood streets scheduled for chip-seal work during spring and summer of 2020. See the attached map for details. ( Commenters questioned whether this would wait until after Hospital latest expansion work.)


V    Erie Harbor – Lisa Reagan

  1. Rehabbing of River trail and public areas on the east side of the Genesee River from Gateway Park north section south to south section near Ford Street bridge will now be in 2021.
  2. Gateway Park – move and add basketball courts, add play feature for all ages and area for farmer’s market.Resident representatives asked for separate baby/toddlers play area.  See City website. Master Plan is a concept. Phase II is what committee deciding.
  3. Concerns about delay of phases, parking access for the hand-carry boat launch and year round trail maintenance, including plowing.
  4. Comments accepted at website until Thanksgiving.


VI   Neighborhood Service Centers – Nancy Johns-Price

  1. A city meeting to consider the Business Permit Categories to include smoking products to be presented at City Council. Send e-mail to the City Council if you support this proposal.
  2. The City needs contact information for businesses selling tobacco and other smoking products, including vaping products. The proposed Business Permit Categories changes will require this.


VII         Community Sharing

  1. The Frederick Douglass statue in the Highland Park Bowl moved to its new location near South AVE at Robinson DR.
  2. The December NBN6 meeting is on the 9th.



Respectfully Submitted,

Sandy Brewer

Bill Brewer

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